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Weather issues again.

I am really looking at the weather that is coming ashore in Texas, once again the U.S. has a huge storm that will undoubtedly do damage and we can only hope not do harm to individuals. I heard this morning on the weather channel that the first responders in the Houston area are estimating only 55 to 60% cooperation by people in that area. This cannot be good and only puts people in harms way. Lets put the crap going on in The U.S. right now, aside and pray for our neighbors in Texas. Well we are wrapping up a very successful Warehouse Sale, we were able to provide needed equipment at a reasonable price to our customers at the close of summer. I hope everyone enjoyed the eclipse and took the proper precautions as to eye protection. Traffic at the south end of Myrtle Beach was horrible as people came from all over to see a complete eclipse. I will be back next week with more information on the GPS Store as we move into fall and change focus on different product lines.

I am back

Good Morning Everyone. I am happy to be back and able to write to you again. It has been a little tough for the past couple of weeks but back in the saddle today. Here at the store we are busy gearing up for the remainder of 2017. We still have one more boat show in October and of course Christmas season so 2017 still has a good ways to go for The GPS Store and we are always happy to have a time and season to help our customers. Of course we have people tag teaming to take time off and on those times i get to help out in sales, which always feels great to me. We still have some great rebates being offered so take a look at our page of them to see if there is anything being offered that you need. Well I want to wish everyone a great weekend and I will be back with you next sweek.

The end of the week and I am at work.

Hard to believe that it is Friday and I am at work. I guess I am the pinch hitter for The GPS Store and I like that role. It feels great to sit down and start answering phones, and talking to our customers, some of which were my customers years ago, and they are still our customers today. We have had a couple of people gone from the sales floor but the ones remaining have made up for their absence. Don’t forget that if you are considering a VHF whether handheld or dash mount, Standard Horizon’s rebates run out on Monday night and they are pretty good, for example a $204.95 vhf radio with a $40.00 mail in rebate, you really can’t beat the price. It is hard to believe that school is starting down here the 3rd week in August so it is time to think about a GPS for the student going away, something to make his or her travels in a new city a whole lot less stressful. Well until next week have a great weekend and I will be back then.

Friday is here

Yes indeed it is Friday already, and it has been a great week here at the store. It is now vacation time for the people here and they really need some time off to spend with family and friends, as it is well earned. Seems like everyone goes one right after the other so we are never without experts to assist our customers and friends. They even call me out off the couch or course to help answering the phones. I have to admit that I like it but sometimes I have to yield to the knowledge that others have over me, because they are giving the right answers everyday where I don’t have to. I hope everyone that has plans this weekend has great weather to enjoy what they are doing. I will be back to you early next week so hang on.

Was I missed?

Yes I was out for over a week and felt like I would never get back to my adopted family but I am back now and we are really hopping this week. We are running our annual Raymarine Week so all of you Raymarine guys and gals take a look at what we are offering just to see if we happen to hit what you are looking for. It is not too late to upgrade your marine electronics and get a lot of use out of them before winter comes, and of course we would like to be your source for your boating needs. I like to speak with the people in shipping and receiving daily just to see what is moving. Sometimes it is easier to see what they are shipping and receiving than to speak with the people in sales to see what they are selling. Hot weather down here, exactly the opposite of what the weather is in the Northeast, we are too hot and they are too cold but they can sleep better with a window open that we do down here. Enough said for right now so i am going to just wish you a great weekend, and I will be back next week.

Happy Birthday America

Yes I would like to wish America a very Happy Birthday. I know here at the store we feel privileged to live and work in America. If you are looking for delivery next Tuesday it probably will not happen, neither UPS nor FedEx are picking up or delivering. Order today for two day delivery and it will be there on Monday, if you wait until Friday you will not receive delivery until Wednesday, just trying to inform you. We here at the store are looking forward to the holiday and hope to celebrate it with our family and friends, and hope if you are travelling to visit yours that you have safe travels. Until I write to you next week please have a great holiday.

Another great week

Yes it has been another great week for the GPS Store we continue to make new friends and earn the trust from new customers. It feels great to watch the young people here at the store continue to grow. I can remember most of them on their first day, not knowing what to expect and growing into the sales reps that they are today. Some of them didn’t even know what a transducer was but they do now and are completely confident in recommending to you what is best for your level of use. If you are headed to Oshkosh for the air show don’t forget to talk to the people from Garmin and their training seminars to keep your skills up to date. We aren’t dealers for Garmin’s aviation line but we like to still like to look at what they are offering, sometimes the aviation line works its way into marine and other lines of the Garmin Corp. Well it is my last day this week but I promise to be back next week. Until then have a great rest of the week and stay safe.

Change up

I thought I would throw a little change up to the blog and write on Friday and not Monday like normal. rather a recap than a projection. What a great week it has been lots of friends to speak with and write too, and lots of orders. It is a great feeling when you can solve someone’s issues by just looking up the correct part to make their unit work correctly. I have a customer in the Napa Valley travelling and was able to get him a replacement unit in two days to keep his travels on pace. I know it feels great to the customer but it feels great to us as well, everyone likes to be the good guy and hates to feel the other way. Thanks to everyone for making our May here at the store a record month, and hope the summer carries on as well. Hard to fathom that July 4th is right around the corner and is under three weeks away. If you need anything for the 4th from our store please do not hesitate to call we can get it to you in plenty of time. Thanks again i will write again next week.

Good Afternoon

Hi Everyone, I bet you thought you wouldn’t hear from me this week; well surprise. Hee it is Wednesday the week after Memorial Day and the end of May. It has been a great month here at the GPS Store and we would like to thank you for making it a great month. It is a short work week here and i am off this afternoon travelling with my wife, so I will not be able to write again this week. We still have some great rebates especially Furuno but time is very short as they end today. If you read this this afternoon and are looking for Furuno please place your order online to assure yourself the rebate. I had a great weekend over Memorial Day and got to spend time with one of my sons which was great, and it was great that all of our people here at the store got to spend time with their families. I know they are deserving of a day off. Well I will be back next week with news of the store and what we are doing for our customers then.

Holiday Week here at the beach

Good Morning for the start of your work week. We here at the store are busy getting orders from the weekend processed and shipped. It is great that we have the people who can get the job done. I have already spoken with one of our customers who was checking on his order. I was able to confirm that he had ordered correctly and his order was already out the door on our first pick up. Anyone travelling over the Memorial Holiday please be courteous and respectful of your fellow travelers and it will be a much more pleasant experience for you both. We of course wish you would check your GPS to make sure they are in working order and ready for use whether on the water, in the woods, or on the road. We of course have something for all of these uses and can get it to you in time for your travels.