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Good Afternoon

Hi Everyone, I bet you thought you wouldn’t hear from me this week; well surprise. Hee it is Wednesday the week after Memorial Day and the end of May. It has been a great month here at the GPS Store and we would like to thank you for making it a great month. It is a short work week here and i am off this afternoon travelling with my wife, so I will not be able to write again this week. We still have some great rebates especially Furuno but time is very short as they end today. If you read this this afternoon and are looking for Furuno please place your order online to assure yourself the rebate. I had a great weekend over Memorial Day and got to spend time with one of my sons which was great, and it was great that all of our people here at the store got to spend time with their families. I know they are deserving of a day off. Well I will be back next week with news of the store and what we are doing for our customers then.

Holiday Week here at the beach

Good Morning for the start of your work week. We here at the store are busy getting orders from the weekend processed and shipped. It is great that we have the people who can get the job done. I have already spoken with one of our customers who was checking on his order. I was able to confirm that he had ordered correctly and his order was already out the door on our first pick up. Anyone travelling over the Memorial Holiday please be courteous and respectful of your fellow travelers and it will be a much more pleasant experience for you both. We of course wish you would check your GPS to make sure they are in working order and ready for use whether on the water, in the woods, or on the road. We of course have something for all of these uses and can get it to you in time for your travels.

Good weather looks like it is here to stay

Good morning and I hope everyone had a great weekend and to all of the Mothers a very Happy Mothers’ Day. We have wrapped up our Anniversary Sale for another year and it was a great sale. We made a lot of new friends and customers. It is a great feeling when people put their trust in our store because we try to earn it not just do anything for the sale. The shipping department is really moving the merchandise today finalizing the orders from the weekend. Well with the weather now here to stay company is on the way the first of them tomorrow as my wife’s sister is in town for a short visit. I think it is great that the sisters have time together on the beach and enjoy their company. We look forward to a visit every year from my sister in law. Well with that being said I am taking a day off this week to cook a special dinner for Sissy. I hope you all have a great week and I will be back on Monday.

Starting a new week

Welcome to Monday everyone and welcome to The GPS Store Anniversary Super Sale and this one we really have something for everyone, whether it is entertainment for your boat or hiking, communications, radar, gps/chartplotter we literally have something for everyone. A lot of what we have discounted still have rebates to be taken on them as well. I do hope everyone had a great weekend and I would like to say i am sorry for everyone about to lose their jobs with the closing of Gander Mountain Stores. Although we competed with them for marine electronic sales it is never a good thing when people have made their careers with anyone only to be terminated because of economic issues within the company. We are saddened here at The GPS Store today because our own Noelle lost her Father-in-law over the weekend quite suddenly. Our sympathies go out to Colin and Noelle and wish them the very best.

End of week

Good morning everyone and yes it is the end of week for me. As most of you know I am only part time now but was full time for a number of years which I was privileged to watch the store, and the people that make it great, grow. We are now entering our 20th year as a store and are happy and proud to have our anniversary sale start this weekend. It is going to be a blow out, we have contacted all of the manufacturers that we represent and asked for lower prices to pass on to our customers. Keep watching our website and we will have specials posted. So until next week have a great weekend and stay safe.

Fishing and Boating Season is now starting

Good morning everyone, I hope your week went as well as mine because I got to speak with customers for the GPS Store and help them with their orders, and I really like that. I also got to help Scott with stock levels so we can do our best to keep what our customers want in stock. I hope everyone is doing well and starting to get out and enjoy the weather. Pike season will be opening in the northeast in May so that is right around the corner. I recommend you start making arrangements for or prepping your equipment yourself to get ready. We will have a video on our website soon of how and what to do, it is in the final stages of being produced as i write today. Well I have to go for now but i promise I will be back next week to post again.

Great week in the Carolinas

It is a great week here in the Carolina’s. It looks like the weather has turned for good and the green pollen that permeates everything is gone so now my black car can be cleaned and detailed. Easter weekend is fast approaching and semester break in the north is happening this Friday so our area will be filled with visitors looking to shake off the winter blues. Just a note to remind you today is the time to look at your GPS if you are travelling. Make sure it is up to date and working correctly. We can still get you one if necessary before you leave. We are looking for ward to the holiday here at the store as well, some of us< like me, are travelling and others are expecting company in the form of friends and relatives. Boy, as a transplant myself, I look forward to those visits, kind of brings home back to me. It has happened on more than one occasion, for my wife and I to be out shopping and come face to face with our neighbors from the north who tried to slip into Myrtle Beach without calling. If you are travelling please be careful and stay alert to what the drivers around you may do. Until next week Happy Easter.

March is gone and April is in

I still am having a hard time getting used to it being April in 2017 for some reason. It may be because the weather has been relatively cold for the past week or so, at least that is what I am hoping. Here at the store March was another great month and our shipping and receiving guys need to be complimented for a job well done. Without them backing up our terrific sales force our store would not be what it has become. When you have the best of both things seem to run smoothly and you tend to take for granted their efforts. We still have a number of rebates being offered and a number of our manufacturers and a number of great deals being offered as well. I was looking at one with a customer this morning and a 5″ combination chartplotter/sounder under $500.00 with a $100.00 mail in rebate is hard to believe but true. Well I hope everyone has a safe Passover and Easter Holidays and gets an opportunity to worship their Lord. I hope to be back with you next week so stay safe.

Spring is here in the south

Good morning everyone. I hope you all had a great weekend and the weather is finally warming for you so your outdoor activities can get started. I know here in Ocean Isle Beach, NC the weather is a spring like, low 70’s for the next week or so, and that is usually a sure sign it will not go lower until October. We have a green pollen that builds up on everything for about 4 weeks and it seems to be at the very end of it as well. I know, because I have a black car, that I like to keep washed, and about 2 weeks ago the pollen way on my car before it could be dried, but Friday was not the case, and just a little on it today as well. I know from experience that trout season is about to open in New York State and in the Adirondacks there is still snow on the shoreline in a lot of locations, so be careful. Also please check your maps and handheld GPS for your waypoints and make sure your GPS is working correctly. It could be the difference in getting out or spending a cold night in the woods. Easter is right around the corner and if you are travelling I am offering you the same piece of advice, “make sure your auto GPS is up to date with firmware and mapping”. Have a great week and remember we are here to help you

Hello again

Yes that is right I am back in the saddle again this week. Our marine season here at The GPS Store is now in full swing and moving forward. I see that Garmin is moving into dog correction collars and GPS more heavily than ever. I used to think that if you weren’t able to get your dog to come when called you didn’t take it into the woods for fear it would run loose and chase deer. Now it looks like you can use electronic devices to replace what had to be done before. Oh well, I will be on the phones and taking care of walk in traffic today so it is back to normal for me. Don’t forget if you are travelling for Easter make sure your GPS is up to date and functioning correctly. I don’t think there is anything more frustrating than having your GPS not give you correct directions. Have a great week and I will be back next week with some info on deals for the holiday.