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Winding down.

Well it has been a hectic and prosperous boat show season and our last spring show opened today the Atlantic City Boat Show. Scott and Philip are there today and Brian will be joining them tomorrow for the rest of the show through Sunday. If you haven’t visited us yet don’t miss a chance the deals make it very worthwhile. Everyone knows that Marine Electronics are getting more sophisticated like computers and just as soon as you get the hang of it something new comes along. Stop by our booth and see the guys. They would be happy to talk GPS, Charting, Chartplotters, Fishfinders, Transducers, Radar, Autopilots and anything marine that you may need to update your system or enhance it. Don’t miss your opportunity to save. I hope to be back with you next week so stay safe.

Between Boat Shows

Well all personnel are present and accounted for this morning and it feels good to have them back. A lot of experience goes to the boat shows to make sure our customers get the marine electronics they need, whether it is a GPS, Chartplotter, Fishfinder, Radar or help with what is needed to network their marine electronics on the boat. Miami was a success and we will be back next year to meet new friends and customers. Our team is catching their breath for the next few days and then headed to Atlantic City for the Boat Show running Feb. 28 thru Mar 04 and we are looking forward to meeting old and making new friends. Not only marine electronics but anything to do with a GPS. Check out our website for boat show specials that we are running. I will have more next week so stay tuned.

Belated Happy New Year

It is really hard to believe that our Holiday Season rush for 2017 is over and we are now entering Boat Show Season for 2018. I hope with the boat shows in NYC, Miami, and Atlantic City spring and warmer weather come to your area. We have had a punch to the stomach with cold and even sleet and snow last Wednesday. The community I live in does not receive and support from the city, county or state for our roads so I was stuck on Thursday, and I mean stuck, I tried to get out around 6:30 A.M. but slid back down the road to the club house, so no go for me. There is even some ice on the roads this morning, which is hard to believe, but they will be playing golf later today. With our boat show season come marine specials so if you are headed to a boat show this year and need new electronics, I cannot tell you enough that at the shows are your best prices. Well I have to go for now but i will be back with some more concrete information next week.

About to enter the last week

Good Morning Everyone. It is hard to believe that the Christmas Season is quickly running out. Only 5 shipping days left to receive your order without paying for overnight chipping and that gets expensive. I hope that everyone has everything they ordered for presents or they are on the way to you, regardless if you need a present for someone and what we offer fits the bill we can make it happen for you. To everyone travelling over the holidays I hope you arrive safely to your destination. It is the time of year for family and I think everyone knows that we need to put our differences aside and simply enjoy each other. I will be back to you one more time before the holiday to keep you up to date with what we are doing and offering here.

Welcome to December

It is hard to believe that we are now in December and Christmas is just over 3 weeks away. I hope everyone has at least started shopping for Christmas already. I know that my wife broke the seal on Christmas shopping in Norfolk, Va. on Black Friday with our son. They are shoppers and I am not, I just ordered presents online to start my shopping. We at the store are off to a great start and our guys in shipping are really dragging from Black Friday and Cyber Monday, huge numbers of orders went out our doors. We have a lot of inventory and and the people to get orders to you in plenty of time for Christmas, so order early if you can, and keep an eye out for our specials that we will be posting over the course of the holiday season. Handhelds, automobile, and sports GPS are all great gifts for the holidays, and available from our store. Don’t forget that we can always offer you suggestions on the phone or through email. Well off until Monday now so stay safe and check us out online at.

Cooler weather had to come and here it is

Yes indeed, we are experiencing cool weather for the rest of this week but it is still going to be close to 70 today with Carolina Blue Sky. A great place to live for the weather and I am happy to be here for it. Fishing tournaments are still happening and our Scott is expected to participate in one this weekend if the offshore weather forecast continues and let’s hope it does. We are definitely in the lull before the storm that happens during the holiday season. We get our last vacations in and get rested so we are in peak condition when answering the questions we receive. I have to tell you that I am not happy today because we had ordered a trailer to transport our equipment to ad from boat shows, about three months ago and went to pick it up yesterday in Charlotte and they did not have it, and offered no excuses or inducements to purchase another. Simply the worst customer service that I have ever seen. I did all the work in purchasing the trailer and I have yet to hear from the sales rep, not one peep. Well on that I hope everyone has a great weekend and stays safe. I will write again next week.

Sorry I am late…..

It has been a while since I posted here but I want to keep the readers up with what is going on at the GPS Store. We are back from the Annapolis Sail Boat Show and are gearing up for the holiday season for 2017 all the while finishing our third warehouse expanding our storage for inventory. Wow we are really growing, I remember when I started at The GPS Store we only had one warehouse and leased space to a Radio Shack. Times have changed and for the better I must say. I can’t help telling you that I will be on my way to Lebanon, Oh tomorrow to pick up my new Mustang and I am really excited about that. I ordered it to my specifications over one month ago and hope it looks great because I know the performance will be there. I am taking Garmin’s DriveLuxe 51 to direct me so I will be able to post an in depth review early next week on how it performs. I hope you all have a great weekend and I promise to post more frequently to the USNav blog. Take care and I will be back next week.

Touch down and turn around

Seems like that would be an appropriate statement for what The GPS Store is doing now. We are back from our final boat show of 2017 and getting those orders out the door to our customers, and at the same time receiving product and moving things around for our holiday season in 2017. Yes it is a different mindset for our sales staff, instead of discussing the features of a $4000.00 chartplotter we now have to explain the features on an Automotive GPS for our customers. Don’t get me wrong we enjoy explaining both because a customer who understands what they are receiving is a happy customer. We try to match our customers needs with the correct device whether it is selecting the right auto GPS for Grandma or the proper black box to add to Dad’s marine network so he can catch more fish. Well I am going to see if there is anything I can do to help out with getting our Annapolis sales orders placed and shipped to our customers. I will back later so stay safe.

Month end and then on to year end

I find that time goes by even faster when we get to August for some reason. Here we are wrapping up a very good sales month of September and entering into October and our last boat show for 2017. If you are in the Washington, DC, Baltimore area up in the Northeast take a day or two and go the the Annapolis Sail Boat Show and look us up, even if you are not buying, but if you are planning we can help. Brian, Scott and Philip will be at the show starting next Thursday through Monday the following week. Three of the smartest marine people in the country and I do not have a problem saying that because I work with them. It is my experience that the smartest people do not necessarily know all the answers but they know where to get the correct answers. well busy here at the store closing the month of September for 2017. I hop everyone had a great wummer and is looking forward to fall. We will be here to help with what you are looking at for your hunting and hiking needs. Have a great weekend.

What a wild last couple of weeks

Good Morning to all and especially to the people in Houston and the state of Florida you have our true sympathy for the tragedy that has happened. We here in coastal Carolina know what has happened but in true American fashion you will pick up what you have and move on. We are with you in spirit and would be happy to help you out in any way we can. Scott and Brian are busy this next couple of weeks getting ready for the Annapolis sail boat show. If you are planning on going please, by all means, stop by and say hello, we would be happy to just bat the breeze with you, or discuss any new systems or additions to existing systems you might have. We will have more on the boat show as the time grows nearer. Irma finally went through here on Monday night Tuesday morning with wind and lots of rain but watching what Florida received it was nothing. I still have a niece that tried to ride out the storm in south Florida that we haven’t heard from, and I think that is the way it is for a lot of people. We here at the store are still praying and hoping for the best whether it is in Texas or Florida.