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Archive for September, 2017

Month end and then on to year end

I find that time goes by even faster when we get to August for some reason. Here we are wrapping up a very good sales month of September and entering into October and our last boat show for 2017. If you are in the Washington, DC, Baltimore area up in the Northeast take a day or two and go the the Annapolis Sail Boat Show and look us up, even if you are not buying, but if you are planning we can help. Brian, Scott and Philip will be at the show starting next Thursday through Monday the following week. Three of the smartest marine people in the country and I do not have a problem saying that because I work with them. It is my experience that the smartest people do not necessarily know all the answers but they know where to get the correct answers. well busy here at the store closing the month of September for 2017. I hop everyone had a great wummer and is looking forward to fall. We will be here to help with what you are looking at for your hunting and hiking needs. Have a great weekend.

What a wild last couple of weeks

Good Morning to all and especially to the people in Houston and the state of Florida you have our true sympathy for the tragedy that has happened. We here in coastal Carolina know what has happened but in true American fashion you will pick up what you have and move on. We are with you in spirit and would be happy to help you out in any way we can. Scott and Brian are busy this next couple of weeks getting ready for the Annapolis sail boat show. If you are planning on going please, by all means, stop by and say hello, we would be happy to just bat the breeze with you, or discuss any new systems or additions to existing systems you might have. We will have more on the boat show as the time grows nearer. Irma finally went through here on Monday night Tuesday morning with wind and lots of rain but watching what Florida received it was nothing. I still have a niece that tried to ride out the storm in south Florida that we haven’t heard from, and I think that is the way it is for a lot of people. We here at the store are still praying and hoping for the best whether it is in Texas or Florida.

Here comes Irma

True statement it is but we still don’t know exactly where she is going and what she is bringing to Florida to start. We here at the GPS Store are praying for our friends, families and everyone who ends up in the path of this monster. Please if you are expecting it don’t think you can just wait it out if you are told to evacuate please do. From what we learned from previous storms, those who do not listen to the authorities generally are the ones at the greatest risk. At this time we can do nothing more than pray for everyone and hope for the best outcome. I really can not think of anything else at this time other than to let our friends know we are thinking and praying for them.