Weather issues again.

I am really looking at the weather that is coming ashore in Texas, once again the U.S. has a huge storm that will undoubtedly do damage and we can only hope not do harm to individuals. I heard this morning on the weather channel that the first responders in the Houston area are estimating only 55 to 60% cooperation by people in that area. This cannot be good and only puts people in harms way. Lets put the crap going on in The U.S. right now, aside and pray for our neighbors in Texas. Well we are wrapping up a very successful Warehouse Sale, we were able to provide needed equipment at a reasonable price to our customers at the close of summer. I hope everyone enjoyed the eclipse and took the proper precautions as to eye protection. Traffic at the south end of Myrtle Beach was horrible as people came from all over to see a complete eclipse. I will be back next week with more information on the GPS Store as we move into fall and change focus on different product lines.

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