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Archive for July, 2017

Friday is here

Yes indeed it is Friday already, and it has been a great week here at the store. It is now vacation time for the people here and they really need some time off to spend with family and friends, as it is well earned. Seems like everyone goes one right after the other so we are never without experts to assist our customers and friends. They even call me out off the couch or course to help answering the phones. I have to admit that I like it but sometimes I have to yield to the knowledge that others have over me, because they are giving the right answers everyday where I don’t have to. I hope everyone that has plans this weekend has great weather to enjoy what they are doing. I will be back to you early next week so hang on.

Was I missed?

Yes I was out for over a week and felt like I would never get back to my adopted family but I am back now and we are really hopping this week. We are running our annual Raymarine Week so all of you Raymarine guys and gals take a look at what we are offering just to see if we happen to hit what you are looking for. It is not too late to upgrade your marine electronics and get a lot of use out of them before winter comes, and of course we would like to be your source for your boating needs. I like to speak with the people in shipping and receiving daily just to see what is moving. Sometimes it is easier to see what they are shipping and receiving than to speak with the people in sales to see what they are selling. Hot weather down here, exactly the opposite of what the weather is in the Northeast, we are too hot and they are too cold but they can sleep better with a window open that we do down here. Enough said for right now so i am going to just wish you a great weekend, and I will be back next week.