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Archive for March, 2017

Spring is here in the south

Good morning everyone. I hope you all had a great weekend and the weather is finally warming for you so your outdoor activities can get started. I know here in Ocean Isle Beach, NC the weather is a spring like, low 70’s for the next week or so, and that is usually a sure sign it will not go lower until October. We have a green pollen that builds up on everything for about 4 weeks and it seems to be at the very end of it as well. I know, because I have a black car, that I like to keep washed, and about 2 weeks ago the pollen way on my car before it could be dried, but Friday was not the case, and just a little on it today as well. I know from experience that trout season is about to open in New York State and in the Adirondacks there is still snow on the shoreline in a lot of locations, so be careful. Also please check your maps and handheld GPS for your waypoints and make sure your GPS is working correctly. It could be the difference in getting out or spending a cold night in the woods. Easter is right around the corner and if you are travelling I am offering you the same piece of advice, “make sure your auto GPS is up to date with firmware and mapping”. Have a great week and remember we are here to help you

Hello again

Yes that is right I am back in the saddle again this week. Our marine season here at The GPS Store is now in full swing and moving forward. I see that Garmin is moving into dog correction collars and GPS more heavily than ever. I used to think that if you weren’t able to get your dog to come when called you didn’t take it into the woods for fear it would run loose and chase deer. Now it looks like you can use electronic devices to replace what had to be done before. Oh well, I will be on the phones and taking care of walk in traffic today so it is back to normal for me. Don’t forget if you are travelling for Easter make sure your GPS is up to date and functioning correctly. I don’t think there is anything more frustrating than having your GPS not give you correct directions. Have a great week and I will be back next week with some info on deals for the holiday.

Starting another week

A lot going on here at The GPS Store today. Not only is today Monday but as of yesterday we are done with out Spring Boat Show season for 2017, and it is cold in the south. That is right, it was 32′ this morning at 6:00 when I walked my dog, we are hoping that this is winter’s last gasp as the weather looks good for the rest of the week with rain on Wednesday to wash the pollen off our cars. Scott is already in this morning downloading the Atlantic City Boat Show orders so we can start shipping them out as soon as this afternoon. Today will be hectic as everyone has a little more to do to get us back to normal. I wonder what that is anymore as we always have something going on. Next up, Easter, so if you are planning a trip with your family and have an auto GPS please make sure your firmware and software (mapping) are up to date to relieve any stress for directions you may encounter, and if not we can help with a new GPS, just give us a call. For the guys and girls in the north trout season will open April 1 in some states so make sure your handheld GPS is working properly before you go out to find “Lost Lake” again. Short week for me this week travelling to Statesville, NC for a conference that my wife has to attend on Thursday. I hope everyone has a great week and I will write on Monday the 13th.