Here we go again

Yup, today we are starting the blitz for the next two months. Meetings in Kansas City with Garmin that Jaime is off to and then next week, look out, boat show season kicks off with New York City, back to catch up for a week and then Miami, and once again back for a week or 10 days and off to Atlantic City the first week in March. what a great place to work because we always seem to have it going on and it keeps our people together looking out for each other. I hope everyone, who wanted to, got to see the football games on Sunday, especially Dallas and Green Bay. We lost a little fellow who was a tremendous Green Bay fan this year named David Bodette and all I can think this morning is he was the one kicking for Green Bay. Just a great game no matter who’s side you were on. KC and Pittsburgh was a great game too with both defenses playing like rubber bands, bend but don’t break. For KC it was a tough way to lose, a call was made that went against them like Alabama losing with a call that didn’t happen. Well a big travel day for the GPS Store we have two of our family travelling so please say a little prayer for us today. Back to you on Thursday I hope.

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