End of week for some of us.

Hi everybody, today is the last day of my work week because I am old but feel young on some days. Well preparations for the New York City Boat Show are finalizing probably today because Scott, Brian and Philip are headed out Tuesday to set up and open the show on Wednesday. They will fly back on Sunday night after the show. They are really looking forward to seeing our friends in the north. It is kind of sunny to see these three southern young men bundle up and brace for the weather in NYC. I had to give instructions in the use of gloves and scarfs a couple years ago.Keep watching our website for items that we may be able to pass on savings from the boat show without you having to be there to get. Well no real plans this weekend but looking for great weather, looks like it will be in the 60’s at least through Thursday next week which is really great. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and is able to come back on Monday.

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