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Archive for December, 2016

Merry Christmas

Yes here it comes Merry Christmas to all of the customers, friends and relatives of The GPS Store, and we are happy to extend this best wish to all of you. I could go into the fact that we can still get a last minute present to you but I am not going to this year. Merry Christmas and I will be back to wish you a Happy New Year next week.

Time is short

Good morning to everyone and Merry Christmas as well. Time is really getting down to it now but we can still make your Christmas merry. We have plenty of deals and people to take your orders and ship your presents so try not to wait any longer because the first part of next week is going to be hectic. I do really hope that everyone gets what they want and need this Christmas because it is a special time of year, and everyone tries to be better. I know what I want this year, is for my friends and family to be healthy and happy with each other and share their joy. I don’t know what day i will be writing next week so everyone have a great holiday and stay safe.

Time is really flying

I am at a loss because Christmas was two weeks from Sunday. I just don’t know where time has gone. If you are waiting for the last minute to order, please understand if something happens with your order. I know the carriers tend to not guarantee deliveries when time gets short and packages in their systems are many. I have seen it happen every year that someone has waited until the last week and not gotten their delivery on time because it was lost or bad weather slowed its delivery. Look at the weather in the northeast today, if it happens next weekend it could be trouble to get your presents before Christmas. I don’t mean to scare anyone into placing an order with our store, I am just trying to explain what could happen, it would not ruin Christmas just make it a little less merry. We still are offering some great deals on gifts for almost everyone. Well I have to run this morning so I will be back on Wednesday.

Been a while

Hi Everyone, yes I have missed writing to you for a couple of weeks I guess. I has some health issues to deal with but seem to be headed to a good result now. How many times have you heard the expression “it is hell to get old”, well I am here to tell you that it is the truth. I used to say that “if I had known I was going to last this long I would have taken better care of myself” as a joke but it isn’t any joke right now. I hope that everyone is well in your households and you are getting close to wrapping up your Christmas shopping. We still have great deals and can get the items to you well before Christmas. Just trying to let you know we are still here to help you out. well after missing so many days I have to get my head around what we have going on and I will relay this to you later.

End of week one

Hello to everyone at the end of week one in Christmas shopping season for 2016. Our own report was very good and we have a great staff, and ownership as well as great customers to thank for it. Once again thank you for putting your trust in The GPS Store. If you have not placed your order yet continue to watch us for holiday Specials that we will be releasing throughout the season. We will either have or will have shortly plenty of inventory to get your orders to you in plenty of time for the holiday. Let me move over to another item for now: let’s talk about travel, if you are planning on driving for the the holidays and need a GPS we have options from under $100.00 to mid $200’s; these will make your road travel a whole lot easier. Well I have to go I am helping customers that walk in to the store with their purchase or just try to help them out. I had a couple from the upper mid-west come in with an issue with two auto units and what they needed was a firmware update but I could not do it for them because both of their auto units were out of charge. So I explained what to do as best I could and told them how to charge their GPS and they left happy that their units would work.