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Right down to it

Yup that is right we are getting right down to it for the holiday shopping season and I know that everyone in my family and circle of friends are really excited. I thought I would make it a little different this year instead of asking what you want for Christmas how about you just start dropping hints to the person who is buying your big present this year. We all have that one person whether it is Mom, Dad, or Spouse who buys what I call the “Big” present for you. Or there is a group of people who chip in and buy the Big Present for you or a family to family present. When this happens I always feel like I came out on the short end of the stick, no not really. It is a way for everyone to increase the monetary value of the present, we do it here too. Just looking out on the sales floor I see Moms’ and Dads’ trying to get their children and Spouses’ everything that they want for Christmas, it is like this every year and they find a way to do it. What a great time of year this is for everyone we hope. My wife and I adopt an unknown child from the various charity trees every year because we are fortunate enough to be able to do so. This year we have a 12 year old little girl who only wants a winter coat, makes me sad to think that she may not have everything a 12 year old would want, I honestly believe this to be the feeling of Christmas, the feeling to do everything you can for someone you don’t know and expect nothing in return, but you do get that great warm feeling knowing that our little girl will be warm when she is outside this winter. I will write again on Wednesday so hang in.

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