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Archive for November, 2016

Happy Cyber Monday

Yes it is Cyber Monday and we are well into the busiest weekend of the year. A large number of orders were placed with us over the weekend and walk in traffic as well as the phones are very busy so far today. We are ready for you though so take your pick as to how you would like to place your order and we will take it from there. Like I have said we have something for everyone so please look at our Cyber Monday Sale. We have plenty of inventory and plenty of time to get your order to you before Christmas.

And now it begins

How true it is that the Holiday Shopping Season for 2016 has begun. We had a very busy day online and expect an even busier day today both online and on the phone for Christmas. When you look at a cross section of the products we are offering this weekend we definitely have something for everyone. Take a look at the GPSMAP 78SC for $199.95 you are getting a floating Garmin handheld GPS loaded with $150.00 worth of charts so it is a great marine GPS for under $50.00 now how can you beat that? All through the list of Christmas and Black Friday Specials you will find great values, so don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and call us if you have questions. Remember to order early to make sure you get it by Christmas morning. Well off to the front and helping in the showroom today. i will be back to you on Monday.

Well it is finally here

First let me wish everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving, and now on to the start of the shopping for Christmas. We will be having some great specials starting this afternoon so please keep watching our website and your email. I decided to give golf another try and was happy with the results that I got without very much effort, sure my short game needs work and my middle irons weren’t what I wanted but I hit the ball hard which is what I try to do to start. I figure distance and direction can come once I have started hitting the ball hard. One thing that I noticed is that I was the only one in my group that did not have a Garmin Approach of some kind on their wrist. I had never thought that I would want one but sure enough now I do, and we are going to be offering some at great prices this season. Well I am going to sign off until after the holiday so I can get a good seat at the table and thank God for all of his kindness to me and my family.

Right down to it

Yup that is right we are getting right down to it for the holiday shopping season and I know that everyone in my family and circle of friends are really excited. I thought I would make it a little different this year instead of asking what you want for Christmas how about you just start dropping hints to the person who is buying your big present this year. We all have that one person whether it is Mom, Dad, or Spouse who buys what I call the “Big” present for you. Or there is a group of people who chip in and buy the Big Present for you or a family to family present. When this happens I always feel like I came out on the short end of the stick, no not really. It is a way for everyone to increase the monetary value of the present, we do it here too. Just looking out on the sales floor I see Moms’ and Dads’ trying to get their children and Spouses’ everything that they want for Christmas, it is like this every year and they find a way to do it. What a great time of year this is for everyone we hope. My wife and I adopt an unknown child from the various charity trees every year because we are fortunate enough to be able to do so. This year we have a 12 year old little girl who only wants a winter coat, makes me sad to think that she may not have everything a 12 year old would want, I honestly believe this to be the feeling of Christmas, the feeling to do everything you can for someone you don’t know and expect nothing in return, but you do get that great warm feeling knowing that our little girl will be warm when she is outside this winter. I will write again on Wednesday so hang in.

Plans are in the works

I cam in this morning and saw Scott speaking to the sales force about our Christmas blitz to our customers. It looks like we will be having great sales on some really great units, and I mean really great units, the ones that I would want for exploring the outdoors or boating, and of course great deals on what customers what to give as a gift. We will literally have something for everyone. Wow where did the year go, I just can’t believe that it will be Thanksgiving one week from tomorrow. I was really happy to see some of the major retailers are not opening their stores on Thanksgiving Day, not just because we don’t; but because it is the right thing to do, to let your store family have the day with their family. Especially when it will be so busy for the next couple of weeks, and time together may be little or none. I hope everyone has a great weekend and gets all of their shopping done for Thanksgiving feast. You can tell I am looking for forward to turkey dinner.

Back for another go at it.

Yes I have been missing for the most part of a week, but i am back today and ready for a great week leading up to the official start of the holiday shopping season for 2016. Is it just me or does every corner of retail sales now seem to be offering Black Friday Sales. I mean every appliance store and every car dealership, as well as toy stores what are they going to do on the real Black Friday, give the merchandise away? I saw so many Black Friday adds I can’t remember any of them which leads me to believe that they are too many too soon. I am here to wish everyone a great week and hope that what they are planning for the Thanksgiving Holiday goes the way you want it. I will be back later this week. Stay with our store we will be having real sales at the real time coming soon.

Christmas is coming.

While I watched television this past weekend I was continually shown adds referencing Black Friday Specials; did I miss something because it is only the first weekend in November not November 25? Granted they were mostly for cars and large appliances but it really is pressing the issue too soon in my opinion. well Scott and Jamie flew to the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show on Saturday to walk the merchant tent to see if we would fit in as a store, and I am sure they will make a decision in the near future. Garmin introduced some new plotter/fishfinder combinations and they should be a real hit with mariners of all kinds. They also announced a new forward scanning Panoptix transducer that will certainly be a hit with the serious fisherman but maybe not for the weekend warrior. Well that is about all that is new from the store for today but I will be back with you again this week to keep you updated as to what we are offering for Christmas.