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Archive for October, 2016

Great day in Coastal Carolina

Yes the weather is on our side again with cool temperatures overnight and mid to high 70’s for a daytime high. Truly great golf weather and i see that all the courses I pass on my way to and from work are busy. I wish again that all of you out of town golfers who don’t know where the course you are playing is get an auto GPS, there is no sense driving like maniacs to get to a tee time and not know which is your turn, and there is also no reason to drive at 20 mph under the speed limit looking for the course. You are a hazard! The fish must be biting because the traffic on the waterway going to the ocean is really busy with larger fishing boats, some of which only come and go when the fishing is good. Well I have a busy weekend, my wife is leaving one position on Friday and transitioning to another one on Tuesday along the way we have a 20th anniversary to celebrate a dog to get groomed and a car taken to the body shop for repairs from Hurricane Matthew, oh and I almost forgot Halloween and All Saints Day. Yup it is going to be busy, but have a great one yourself.

Seems to be always the way it is

How true is that statement. After a major storm the weather always seems to be just beautiful. this past weekend was no different Saturday and Sunday were absolutely gorgeous with bright sunshine and cooler temperatures. I know that doesn’t help with making anything better for the people in inland NC who are still suffering. One of my Facebook friends doesn’t expect power or water for at least three weeks but he has a positive attitude and continues to think of others rather than himself. One of the young ladies who works with us here at the store, had her husband who is a First Responder sent to Fair Bluff NC to help in any way they needed. He got home at 2:00 P.M. on Sunday and was on duty at 5:00 P.M. Sunday, yes he is dedicated I would say. Great to see that some big names are giving support to these areas like Donald Trump who sent at least two truckloads of relief supplies to affected areas, and Rick Hendricks who always will help NC when we are in need. Thank you both. Well the results of this years Annapolis Sail Boat Show are in and once again we had great sales and saw some old friends and met what we hope are new ones for years to come. Our thanks to all of you. Saw an add on TV Sunday that said Christmas was only 10 weeks away. I nearly fell off my seat with that reality. We are still offering some Boat Show prices on Icom radios, so if you are looking for a name radio at a great price give us a look.

Finally back to work

It was one week ago Wednesday that my wife and I were evacuated for hurricane Matthew. I think it was a little early but Gov. Haley of SC had other ideas. My wife is nursing director for a nursing home in Georgetown, SC so we along with 33 of her residents were sent to Ridgeway, SC and the remaining 34 residents were sent to Sumpter SC and of course enough staff to cover round the clock nursing care. It was a tough trip on these little old people in both directions but they all made it in good health. I felt helpless to be away from my GPS Store family just in case they needed something, I guess it is my fatherly instinct to make sure they are all safe. I am tremendously thankful today that everyone is healthy and their homes are sound with no major damage. Inland was not the case from what I saw on the drive back on Tuesday; trees and power lines were down and blocking the road a two and one half hour trip turned into 7 hours because of road closures and detours. Scott and Brian are back from the Annapolis Sail Boat Show and first reports it was a good show for us, and our customers. I will write again when I get my feet under me so hang and here is wishing that everyone is safe from the storm.

Always a difficult time

Yes here we are again watching the weather channel to see which direction hurricane Matthew will take, whether it stays offshore or goes inland or god forbid hits us dead on. Not only are we concerned about it here in Ocean Isle Beach but also in Annapolis, Md because the annual Annapolis Sail show is scheduled for this weekend through Monday next week, and we will have three of our people there. A number of us here at the store have spouses who are nurses and can be required to man the hospitals or nursing homes in the event of evacuation or sitting out the storm. This puts a lot of worry on us but we do our best to get through it. We did lose one of our own on Friday as David, our Charlene’s husband lost his brave battle with cancer, we will continue to grieve with Charlene and Ashley for their loss. RIP David from a friend.