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New products

Yes it is that time of year for the different manufactures we represent, to start introducing new products. They have to start getting them out so the public will know what they are looking for, for a particular season, whether it is hunting, back to school, or even Christmas they are all seasons that manufactures try to sell too. I know that Garmin is preparing to launch some new products that will most assuredly be tailored to the outdoor market. That is all I can say about that for now. It is the end of the work week for me today but my work is ahead of me on the home front. A little plumbing in my future and of course a trip to the dealership to service on my Mustang. Let’s not forget the “honey do” list that I am sure I get tomorrow morning on my way out the door. Things he at The GPS store are running smoothly even with a VP on vacation. That is because we do not have turnover in our staff. Everyone here stays here because they love what they do here, from the people in administration, to sales, to shipping and receiving everyone legitimately likes what they do. That is the biggest tribute to Drew and Gina and the business they founded. Well I will be back to you early next week so wish my luck.

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