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Kids are gone?

Well the kids must be close to going back to school, at least they are here, so we must be moving towards hunting season. I have it on good authority that it is bow season in South Carolina so deer season with rifle must be right around the corner. Not sure what the timing is for other states in the union but they can’t be a long ways out. With that being said Garmin has a couple of new products for you to consider the Rino 750 which is in stock and a Rino 750t that is set to ship at the end of this month. Both items are a real step up from previous models and would be great to use with Garmin’s HuntView Topo mapping which we too have in stock so just pick your state and we will get it to you. Just looking at the devastation in Louisiana and the flooding that is going on, and then look back to the disaster in West Virginia and Maryland, we definitely need to come together as a nation and help our neighbors no matter what their color, or creed may be. I hope everyone understands and realizes that the Red Cross is not the only organization that jumps in to help the survivors. Please consider what the Salvation Army does and doesn’t advertise its help. I have been through a couple of disasters myself and always found help without a price from the Salvation Army. Hope you stay safe until next week when I will write again.

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