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Back to work

Yes I missed a couple of days last week do to an aching back. It is tough to get old and have a back that sometimes takes weeks to get back to normal. I hope everyone’s summer is going well and you got to do what you wanted to this year. School is back much earlier, than when I was young, I can remember Labor Day being officially to last day of no school; but now it appears that all schools are opening before labor day and students are getting out earlier which is a good trade off, I guess. We still have some specials that you may be interested in so take a look at our “Specials and Closeouts” page . One of the Garmin Blogs lately is listing 66 tips for traveling, some of them I had never though of but make sense to me. They have broken the tips into a number of different days but here is the most recent. How about football season starting too? We are getting our fantasy football league going and this year i am going to crush them. Ha Ha Well this time I do hope to get back to you later this week so hang in.

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