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Back to school is near

This is hard for me to believe but it will be back to school soon for everyone. We had “tax free” weekend last weekend in Myrtle Beach and it was amazing to see all the people searching for electronics in Best Buy, they were literally pushing each other to get a look at computers and you had to register in the front of the store for an associate to take you back to the computer department to look at them. I really hadn’t thought it was that close to back to school but some schools are starting in one week. Where did summer go? Still plenty hot here but we may see some rain to cool things off just a bit. With back to school catching me off guard, don’t let it catch you off guard, if you need anything in the line of GPS to go back to school with: think about us from car, to outdoors to activity trackers we can fix you right up. I read in Garmin’s Blog this morning about something they are calling “Ultimate Summer Road Trip”, and it really sounds like a great idea but with back to school sales, isn’t summer over? Must be for families who are not heading back to school next week. They really have great ideas though, like not rushing it, speaking with locals, finding things off the main road, etc. sounds great if you have the time doesn’t it? Well off until Wednesday now, so hang in and be nice to each other.

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