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Archive for August, 2016

Yes I am still here

It was a rough week for me with company and the necessity to keep them occupied. Do you ever have company and feel it is your responsibility to make sure that they have a great time? Well that is what my wife and I went through last week, when her sister visited us. Friday was a beach day but Saturday we moved to the beach for the week in our son’s condo. It is really great that he lets us do this because my wife and her sister are true beach people from 9:00 to 4:00 daily. Of course we had more company show up unexpectedly on Sunday and the party was on. Glad the people at the store understand. I was searching around when I came in and saw that we still are offering a great deal on Garmin’s GPSMAP 547 on their Echomap 74SV. These are great units with a lot of capability to if you are looking for a combination unit to put you on the walleyes this fall that echoMap 74SV is a sure hit. Just getting back to see what is happening so I will be back to you on Monday.

Kids are gone?

Well the kids must be close to going back to school, at least they are here, so we must be moving towards hunting season. I have it on good authority that it is bow season in South Carolina so deer season with rifle must be right around the corner. Not sure what the timing is for other states in the union but they can’t be a long ways out. With that being said Garmin has a couple of new products for you to consider the Rino 750 which is in stock and a Rino 750t that is set to ship at the end of this month. Both items are a real step up from previous models and would be great to use with Garmin’s HuntView Topo mapping which we too have in stock so just pick your state and we will get it to you. Just looking at the devastation in Louisiana and the flooding that is going on, and then look back to the disaster in West Virginia and Maryland, we definitely need to come together as a nation and help our neighbors no matter what their color, or creed may be. I hope everyone understands and realizes that the Red Cross is not the only organization that jumps in to help the survivors. Please consider what the Salvation Army does and doesn’t advertise its help. I have been through a couple of disasters myself and always found help without a price from the Salvation Army. Hope you stay safe until next week when I will write again.

Back to work

Yes I missed a couple of days last week do to an aching back. It is tough to get old and have a back that sometimes takes weeks to get back to normal. I hope everyone’s summer is going well and you got to do what you wanted to this year. School is back much earlier, than when I was young, I can remember Labor Day being officially to last day of no school; but now it appears that all schools are opening before labor day and students are getting out earlier which is a good trade off, I guess. We still have some specials that you may be interested in so take a look at our “Specials and Closeouts” page . One of the Garmin Blogs lately is listing 66 tips for traveling, some of them I had never though of but make sense to me. They have broken the tips into a number of different days but here is the most recent. How about football season starting too? We are getting our fantasy football league going and this year i am going to crush them. Ha Ha Well this time I do hope to get back to you later this week so hang in.

Back to school is near

This is hard for me to believe but it will be back to school soon for everyone. We had “tax free” weekend last weekend in Myrtle Beach and it was amazing to see all the people searching for electronics in Best Buy, they were literally pushing each other to get a look at computers and you had to register in the front of the store for an associate to take you back to the computer department to look at them. I really hadn’t thought it was that close to back to school but some schools are starting in one week. Where did summer go? Still plenty hot here but we may see some rain to cool things off just a bit. With back to school catching me off guard, don’t let it catch you off guard, if you need anything in the line of GPS to go back to school with: think about us from car, to outdoors to activity trackers we can fix you right up. I read in Garmin’s Blog this morning about something they are calling “Ultimate Summer Road Trip”, and it really sounds like a great idea but with back to school sales, isn’t summer over? Must be for families who are not heading back to school next week. They really have great ideas though, like not rushing it, speaking with locals, finding things off the main road, etc. sounds great if you have the time doesn’t it? Well off until Wednesday now, so hang in and be nice to each other.

New products

Yes it is that time of year for the different manufactures we represent, to start introducing new products. They have to start getting them out so the public will know what they are looking for, for a particular season, whether it is hunting, back to school, or even Christmas they are all seasons that manufactures try to sell too. I know that Garmin is preparing to launch some new products that will most assuredly be tailored to the outdoor market. That is all I can say about that for now. It is the end of the work week for me today but my work is ahead of me on the home front. A little plumbing in my future and of course a trip to the dealership to service on my Mustang. Let’s not forget the “honey do” list that I am sure I get tomorrow morning on my way out the door. Things he at The GPS store are running smoothly even with a VP on vacation. That is because we do not have turnover in our staff. Everyone here stays here because they love what they do here, from the people in administration, to sales, to shipping and receiving everyone legitimately likes what they do. That is the biggest tribute to Drew and Gina and the business they founded. Well I will be back to you early next week so wish my luck.

Time of year

Yes it is that time of year when, at least in the south, moms and dads start thinking about back to school. If that is your child going away to college for the first time you may wnat to consider an automotive GPS to help them get around while learning where they are, and yes we have some great ones on sale. It is interesting to me, at least, when our large store competitors send out a seasonal catalog with GPS listed as being a good deal their prices are much higher than our everyday price on the same items. Don’t be fooled by these hunting or fall catalogs compare our prices to what they are offering and don’t forget to give us a call to price match if by chance they do have a good deal on an item. We are the small store that competes with the big boys and wins on many occasions. We had a good month in July but we are looking for a great month in August so please if you are considering a GPS or marine electronics give us a chance to compete at least. I will be back with you later this week so until then stay safe.