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Is everyone ready for Fathers’ Day

I hope everyone is ready for Fathers’ Day and that you have at least a card for him, I know he wouldn’t want anything else because he is proud of the person you have become. That was the way my own Father was and I am proud of the Dad he was for all of his children and the husband he was to my Mom. That being said I tried to get him a present for his day, usually something he wouldn’t buy for himself, because he was saving the money to get someone else something they wanted. Dads are like that now aren’t they. You still have time to get him the present you were thinking about but I would call us and ask for our overnight special shipping price, although it wouldn’t be free you would be guaranteed of having a present for him on Sunday. Well this is the last writing for this week so I want to wish all the dads out there a happy Fathers’ Day.

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