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Fathers Day has come and gone

It doesn’t seem possible that Fathers’ Day for 2016 has come and gone but it has and today summer is here. 2016 is flying by it seems but then again as you age time does go faster, or so it seems. Great day for sports yesterday as local boy Dustin Johnson won the US Open and quite a way to win it I must admit. I think that the USGA has got to get their act together before the next tournament. How about Cleveland winning the NBA Championship, great for the city and great for the players but why can’t the city celebrate without damaging peoples’ property by overturning cars etc. Finally today I hope that everyone who has a dad living got to say, write or hug the big guy because it means so very much. If you got his present from us we thank you and if you didn’t but found help through our store we feel good about that too. Well summer will be in full swing on Wednesday and that is when I will be back with you.

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