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Archive for June, 2016

Long weekend coming

unnamedWell the 4th of July is almost here and we at the store are looking forward to a long weekend to catch our breath. It has been a great start to the year and we hope to keep it going for the rest of 2016. Thanks to you our customers and friends because you are the ones that drive us here at The GPS Store. Remember that with the long weekend shipping companies like UPS and Fedex have the long weekend to so they will not be delivering on Monday so order earlier and today request two day delivery to receive your order before the weekend. Take one more look at our Sale page to see if we are offering anything you need for the summer. Another tragedy in the world yesterday, I wonder what we are going to do to stop it, of course that is me thinking that America is the leader and not a follower. I hope everyone has a great and safe Independence Day and at least goes to one parade. I can think of no more patriotic thing to do than to go and watch the VFW, American Legion, Elks Club or other organization marching in honor of our independence.

Final week for our 4th of July sale

Back for another week and hoping that if you are planning on starting a vacation at the end of the week you will be safe travelling for the holiday weekend. I know it is getting really busy down here in the Myrtle Beach area. Bumper to bumper traffic and it is quite easy to recognize the tourists even the ones with SC or NC plates. They are the ones trying to get across three lanes of traffic to make either a left or right turn from the wrong side of the road. I still don’t understand why they don’t drive past their destination and safely turn around and go back instead of creating a hazard for all drivers. You know what solves this problem is a good automobile GPS and we have plenty to offer you at reasonable prices. If you need one and everyone should have one for safety you can order today and get it in plenty of time for a holiday trip and everyone should use a GPS when visiting a new city if you are driving. One we are offering during our sale is the Nuvi 2689LMT and it is a very good unit with features for every level of technical experience, from novice to expert. I will be back posting to our blogs on Wednesday so thanks for reading.

Great Store with tremendous people

Yes that is right The GPS Store is a great store with tremendous young people from the top to the bottom. The people who work here are family as I have said before and consider myself to be part of this family. WE love each other and share everything from troubles to the joys this world and workplace provide each and everyone of us. We pray for each other everyday and especially on Sunday because that is when my wife takes me to mass. Hard to believe I made it another year but I did and have been lucky enough to meet these people. Well enough of that now for the real blog, The GPS Store has had an opportunity to purchase the echoMap 94SV at a reduced price and we are passing the savings on to you. This 9″ color combination unit offers Down and Side Vu Sonar with charting for the coastal waters of the U.S. Add the transducer of your choice and you have the complete package to fish or cruise. Well I am signing off for now and hope to be able to write again on Monday.

Fathers Day has come and gone

It doesn’t seem possible that Fathers’ Day for 2016 has come and gone but it has and today summer is here. 2016 is flying by it seems but then again as you age time does go faster, or so it seems. Great day for sports yesterday as local boy Dustin Johnson won the US Open and quite a way to win it I must admit. I think that the USGA has got to get their act together before the next tournament. How about Cleveland winning the NBA Championship, great for the city and great for the players but why can’t the city celebrate without damaging peoples’ property by overturning cars etc. Finally today I hope that everyone who has a dad living got to say, write or hug the big guy because it means so very much. If you got his present from us we thank you and if you didn’t but found help through our store we feel good about that too. Well summer will be in full swing on Wednesday and that is when I will be back with you.

Is everyone ready for Fathers’ Day

I hope everyone is ready for Fathers’ Day and that you have at least a card for him, I know he wouldn’t want anything else because he is proud of the person you have become. That was the way my own Father was and I am proud of the Dad he was for all of his children and the husband he was to my Mom. That being said I tried to get him a present for his day, usually something he wouldn’t buy for himself, because he was saving the money to get someone else something they wanted. Dads are like that now aren’t they. You still have time to get him the present you were thinking about but I would call us and ask for our overnight special shipping price, although it wouldn’t be free you would be guaranteed of having a present for him on Sunday. Well this is the last writing for this week so I want to wish all the dads out there a happy Fathers’ Day.

Last chance for Fathers Day reduced shipping

Yes it is here, the last day where you can get two day reduced price delivery charges for Fathers Day. A common mistake is thinking the day an item ships is counted in the delivery days, well it isn’t it gets picked up at the store and taken to the carriers’ center and the next day starts the days in transit, so it you order today for two day delivery it will be there on Friday, order tomorrow and you are looking at Monday for delivery. I hope this clears shipping times up a little and everyone who needs to gets Dad’s present ordered today. We still have plenty of items for Dad and many are much more reasonably than recommendations from manufacture. I don’t know about you but when I was buying for Dad and Mom I could not afford $500.00 or $600.00 for the cost of a present, I sure would have liked to buy something in this price range because Mom and Dad deserved it, but I just could not afford it. I guess what I am saying is buy what you can afford and no more, I know dad would want it that way. Here is a link to our sales items for Dad so take a look and see if there is anything you would like to give to Dad that you can afford.

Good Morning from the sunny south.

Yup it is warm and sunny in Coastal Carolina. The temp read 84′ on my car on the way to work so i look for 90’s on the way home and yes it is humid. Enough of that though because it is getting down to the time for dear old dad to be remembered. Garmin’s Blog over the weekend had some suggestions for the “Outdoorsy Dad” and I agree with what they are offering if you can afford them. Some can get quite pricey so be sure and check us out, we have something is everyone’s price range and ever for the couch potato dad like me. Remember that time is getting close so if you are going to order online from anyone, not just The GPS Store, you should do it soon. I will be back to you on Wednesday this week so stay tuned.

And here we are in June

Yes we are now in June and kids will be getting out of school either right now or in a couple of weeks. I be most of you who are taking a vacation have planned it already or are in the process of planning it now. If you are driving please make sure your auto GPS is up to date and working if you need guidance. Also if you have any other GPS products you will be relying on make sure they are up to date and working. Let’s not forget Dad either, because his day is coming up fast so please allow yourself enough time for delivery if you are ordering online. This week is my father’s birthday but he is not here any longer to enjoy with him and Fathers’ Day as well. Missed a few chances to spend time with him over the years and I sure wish I had those chances back. I hope everyone has had a chance to look at our new website, we made some changes in color to highlight different areas and hope that they are working for you.

Back to remind you about Dads and Grads

Yes I am back after a week of company, and boy am I tired. I did my best to keep up and for the most part I did, but it definitely has taken its toll. It will probably be a week before i catch my breath. Well enough of that: it is that time of year when you have to think about Dad and possibly a Grad and we can help you here. We have plenty to offer for either one, whether they are outdoors people or just need help with auto navigation we have plenty in all price ranges. I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day Holiday and celebrated with family and friends as I did and are now back home safe and sound. I have been looking at Garmin’s Blog from the past week and they have all sorts of products to make the outdoors more enjoyable for everyone from 9 mile operation of their Virb camera to aviation GPS/Navigation systems. Just getting my brain back in order so I will be back with you on Monday.