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Archive for April, 2016

Another Mothers’ Day reminder

Yes it is another reminder that Mothers’s Day is just a little over one week away and to remember the women in your life that mean and have meant so much to you it is time to think about a gift or at least a card. I know the young men hear at the store remember their mothers and wives and plan on making sure they are aware of what they mean. Of course we have plenty of items that you can select to present to the women in your life that would mean something to them, no matter what they do. It is getting close to our month end which will be around 4:00 P.M. tomorrow so if you need a price please give us a call we will do everything we can to earn your business and trust. In Garmin’s blog today they were all over a young lady who is preparing to fly around the world in a plane with a maximum fuel range of 750 miles, in 32 legs and over 25,000 miles. I am not sure that the math works out but she is going to try it in early June. We wish her luck. Time for me to run for this week but remember us for a present for Mom.

Month end and now is the time to buy.

I hope that everyone knows that at the end of every month whether it is at The GPS Store or any other business it is always the time to shop. Manufactures may well have just cut their prices and sellers will try to get your business to make a sales goal, that was set earlier in the period. We here at The GPS Store are no different, if we can we will do what we can to make sure you receive the best deal we are allowed to give and still keep the doors open. Our sales here are really good and our shipping department has been really stretched to keep up with sales, but they are on top of it so deliveries are made on time as usual. I was looking back at re-seller ratings for our store and for the most part are really great although like all businesses, sometimes you just can’t make all customers happy and some even ask for more in return for what they purchased in the first place, which is a little disheartening, but we still try. A little sad this week for me I lost a couple of friends and found out that another customer of mine who I have had for years passed away, tough to lose someone who became a customer who became my friend through the years. I hope that everyone will have a great day and rest of the week. I will try to write more to you tomorrow.

Starting another week

Good Morning Everyone, it is nice to be back at The GPS Store here in Ocean Isle Beach because the weather is great and the people are even better, especially the young men and women I work with. I was out in the warehouse earlier checking on the guys out there, to see how they were feeling and how their weekends went. I like to do that just to see how much things have changed or stayed the same as to when I was young. Our sales are over, but most of the rebates are still in affect but will be expiring over the next couple of months, so if you are looking for a particular piece to start or add to your marine network now is the time. I don’t know about you but I just cannot believe what is happening a law requiring a third bathroom for evidently a third sex. New York and several other states are going to ban travel to North Carolina because we are not mandating a third bathroom. Seems kind of crazy to to me but then again I am from another time I guess. My point is are we going to stop at three or will there then be a request for a 4th bathroom? Time for me to sign off but i just want to say again that we do appreciate you as customers and hope you will continue to stay with our store.

Start of the Mothers’ Day warnings

Yes it is that time of year when we have to think about Mothers whether they are with us or not the memories that they give us will forever stay with us, let us just hope that they are the loving and nurturing ones that we like to think of. Time to start thinking of a present and also time to get it on order, if you are ordering it online. For the Mom who is an outdoors person we can help with handheld GPS for her hiking adventures or if she has taken up fitness we have all sorts of Garmin watches to help her train or as a golf aid. We even have watches to help her if she wants to become a survivalist like the Tactix for tactical field training. Like I said something for everyone and of course we still have a full line of Garmin auto GPS to help her get to her destination safely. For the newer mom we have Garmin’s babyCam the first in vehicle baby monitor to keep everyone safe in the car whether she is driving or taking care of your baby. Yes we have something for every moms’ lifestyle for you to add to your flowers and chocolates. This is just a reminder to start looking to make sure it is delivered on time whether it is with us or somewhere else.

Approaching mid-season

Well we are now fully underway for boating and fishing season. Most of the manufacturers we represent have announced and delivered new products in their line. We now have wireless radars, fishfinders that see to the side, and picture like images of the bottom, as well as forward scanning in some cases. Internal GPS antennas that are even more sensitive and update position data in some case 10 times per second and even more frequently in some cases. WOW has the industry jumped into the future quickly, it wasn’t too long ago that to see a chart on the screen of your sounder was a really big deal. With all of this technological development it almost scary to think of what will come next. If you notice some of the manufacturers build products to add on to existing units to increase their capability while others not so much. I see the people on the sales floor speaking with customers all the time and I can’t tell you enough how impressed I am with how well they interface with their customers and even the difficult customers. I know that these people care about our customers and not just today’s sale. Things are really hopping as we head towards the official start of summer here in Ocean Isle Beach. I hope all who plan to visit enjoy themselves here. I will write more later but for today I am signing off.

Backorders are starting to fill

It seems that a large number of backorders for different marine items are starting to ship. Raymarine is now shipping their new Quantum Radars, Garmin is shipping their redesigned transducers and their GCV-10 black box module so life is good here at The GPS Store filling customer backorders. If you have been waiting to order any of these products give us a call if we do not have it yet we can give you a real estimate as to when you should expect it. I know there have been questions about the version of software that we are shipping in our units and I can assure everyone that we are shipping the latest that our manufactures are sending. Often there is a firmware update to a marine unit that is available before all of the inventory from that same manufacture is sold. Usually there isn’t an issue updating firmware either by downloading to an SD/micro SD card or on a number of new plotters via WiFi but you do have to be near a wireless internet connection. This is my Friday so I will be back to write to you on Monday. Have a great weekend.

BassMaster Classic 2016

Well the Classic has come and gone for another year, and this year it started in Grand Lake O’the Cherokees, Tulsa, Ok., which is a great freshwater fishery. I had to look twice because one of the major sponsors is now GoPro a company making action cameras you can mount just about anywhere to record your adventures. It was too many years ago when this technology was not around and now you see these mini cameras at just about every event from fishing tournaments to downhill skiing, whitewater rafting, car shows. You pick the event and you can bet that there will be someone there documenting it with a GoPro camera. As an authorized dealer for GoPro, for some years, now we have seen this industry grow and the products become better and easier to use. Other manufacturers we represent, that had sponsored anglers in the tournament, are Lowrance, Garmin, and Raymarine all placing very well when the results were made known. The Bassmaster Elite series was in Georgetown, SC at Winyah Bay this past weekend and Britt Myers from South Carolina was able to capture the win, and oh he is sponsored by GoPro.

Congratulations to Tara and Jamie

The GPS Store has grown again as VP Jamie and his wife Tara welcome the arrival of another daughter. We haven’t heard a name for this young lady yet but by all accounts Mom and Baby Girl are doing well. I hope that everyone who has been a reader of the blog understands how much I think of the young women and men who work here and how much I have seen them grow in their personal lives over the years. I can remember VP Jamie’s bachelor party and today he is the Father of three beautiful young daughters. Just makes the old man proud to see. Well I don’t have anything to top that so I will say I will be back on Monday with store news and sales.

It has been a while and I hope you missed me

Good morning an welcome to April. Well I have been on the sales floor taking calls for a couple of weeks, filling in for one of my co-workers, and it was a great experience for me. It felt great to work with the fine men and women who work here at The GPS Store, and pick their brains to help our customers get the best GPS or marine electronic for their money and need. IO must say I was definitely out of practice for the first couple of days but it became more familiar to me as the time went on. I got to see and feel for the capabilities that the new GPS and electronics bring to the user. We received the new EchoMAP CHIRP with transducers from Garmin and they are flying out the door and are to receive the long awaited Quantum radars from Raymarine today so if you are looking for either please don’t wait any longer as our stocks will be growing low quickly. I am glad to be back and able to keep you updated as to what is going on at the store just because I believe in the people here and the products we sell.