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Archive for March, 2016

Time to move that New Years fitness resolution outdoors

I hope everyone had a great weekend i know that I did. I hope that everyone who made that resolution on New Years to lose weight and get into shape is still hanging with it, because with the weather turning nice outside it is now time to take it outdoors. Whether you are walking, jogging, biking or hiking off road Garmin has you covered with devices that will guide, measure or pace you during these activities. They even have a scale now that will give you the real story on how well your activities are performing for you. Who really wants to run ten miles a day and gain weight? Here is a link to our fitness and sport section from our website. Have a great start to your week and I will be back with you later this week.

March is here and spring isn’t far now.

Well we are finally into March and spring in the north isn’t far away now. The golfers are now thinking about cleaning their clubs and polishing their shoes for early rounds and possibly a trip with the guys to Myrtle Beach to jump start their season. Trout fishermen in New York at least have their season opening on April first so getting the ice shacks off the lake and river is now getting to the point where it has to get done. With trout season it means hiking into the back country for lakes and ponds where the big one might be swimming. Time to check your tackle and electronics whether it is a portable fishfinder setup like the Garmin Echo 151 portable or Striker 4 Portable. It is really not the time to read the instructions or test things out when you get to your spot, know how it works before you get there it will be much more productive and enjoyable if you do. If it is a long hike off road make sure your handheld is working correctly and new batteries are in it for use. I guess the big thing is to prepare for your time in the outdoors to be safe and enjoy it. Looks like my week is ending so I will be back on Monday to harp on you some more about preparedness.