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Not only Boat Shows but Golf Show Too

Hello everyone. In a blog from Garmin today they announced some new products for the golf industry. Of course a couple of new Approaches and a tool to analyze your swing called TruSwing all are being announced at the PGA Show in Orlando, Florida. this weekend. One of these products really peak my interest, I am not sure that a Golf GPS no matter how well it is built is the watch I want to wear and one that is clicked on and off the belt as needed seems to be a hassle to me. The TruSwing though is something that I think will work for any golfer who wants feedback on what his swing looks like and how and where he is striking the ball, great feedback for the golfer who is really interested in improving his game. Well time is about to run out on Scott and Brian they will be amping up for Atlantic City Boat Show next week early leaving on Tuesday morning and returning Sunday at the close of the show. It will really be tough on Scott who is a big fan of the Carolina Panthers who are in the Super Bowl Sunday. They have to be back at work Monday morning to enter orders and leave for the Miami Boat Show on Tuesday morning early. It is a real grind for these young men. Sorry to say but I will not be in to write to you tomorrow, I have a paint nick I neglected on the roof of my car that requires now a complete painting over two days. I will be back on Monday to let you know how things are going.

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