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We are now in the last full week before Christmas

Here we are back at work on Monday morning in the last full week of shopping days before Christmas. Where did the time go I can’t say I can wait to pick up that Christmas Card for my wife any longer or I will be only left with ones I don’t like or there may not be any that express what she means to me. With this being said time is running out and if you are waiting to order from not only our store but anywhere do not procrastinate for long. Great football weekend but I was disappointed that Army did not finally beat Navy, i was in the Air Force so I don’t know why I want Army to win other than it has been too long since their last win. We had our store Christmas Party on Saturday night and it was great Drew and Gina spare no expense in thanking us. It is always great to see the spouses and once again Gina and Drew welcome just like they are family to them as well; and to be honest we all feel like family and would do anything for one another. We have had our struggles this year and previous years as well, with health issues but we got our prayers answered, and thank God that he saw fit to answer them. I saw an App, that Garmin has added to their Garmin Connect features that is a “Car locator” for parking lots, the older I get the more I think I may need this. Well that is going to be it for today but i will be back with you on Wednesday.

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