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It is finally here

The finally here, is my last day before Christmas, so I will no longer be counting down the days for you to shop for that special gift. I must say it has been different for me this year not being part of the sales staff answering phones and questions from our customers. I do honestly wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and hope your day is everything you wish for. Michele and I are very happy that our Son Tom will be with us this year for the first time in many years so my Christmas has already been made. Time to say thanks to all of the fine people here at The GPS Store: Gina and Drew who are very special to Michele and I, Scott, Jamie and Brian my add on Sons. I am so proud of each of you because of the fine Fathers and young men you now have become. Ashley I hope you know how much you mean to Michele and I. Char and Nick we are glad and happy that you each now have a partner in life deserving of all you have to offer. What can I say about Noelle, other than to say thanks for keeping it all together here at the store, we all know who is in charge when Drew and Gina aren’t here. Michele and i wish you and Colin a very special Merry Christmas. Trevor and Ryan our guys that keep our warehouse humming, watching Trevor mature and grow as a fine young man respectful to everyone has been my pleasure. Ryan being the rookie, from what I can see, you have found a home here. Merry Christmas everyone and I will be back after.

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