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Holiday Shopping time is running really short.

As i count the days for Christmas shopping left I only see 7 and one of those is going to be experiencing the panic in the store or requesting and paying for overnight delivery on the 24th. Either one is not the best option to feel for you and your wallet. I got the mandate from my Wife yesterday to go to a store and pick out and buy my present because i haven’t been able to give my Wife options for a present this year. So off I go to Best Buy looking at wireless speakers, well I decided on one and it took over an hour for an associate to come to help. When I asked about hearing the one I wanted I was told I could not hear it because it wasn’t “hooked up”, I asked him how he sold it and he said that people just buy it, well not me, I further pressed him about the headphones on the same display and where they were kept and he told me two models were not available, can you guess how many were on display, yup two pair, so I was out of luck and left. Needless to say I still haven’t hit upon a present and I really don’t need anything, I have wonderful friends here at The GPS Store, a beautiful wife, two great sons, and two grandchildren I don’t see often enough so I have all I need. I wish everyone was as lucky as I am and uses their shopping time wisely for this Christmas.

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