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Archive for December, 2015

On to the New Year

Good morning everyone and I hope that Christmas brought you everything that you had wished for whether a special present or just the warmth of knowing that you helped someone who needed you at that time. My wife Michele and are were lucky with both we got to help others and give presents to each other and our family on both sides. We will now be gearing up for boat show season so please take the time to review what you may be looking for by way of marine electronics and if there is a show near you take an afternoon and see what is being offered. We will have a booth at New York City, Atlantic City, and Miami Boat Shows so come and see us if you are in the area. I almost forgot to wish you all a Happy New Year.

It is finally here

The finally here, is my last day before Christmas, so I will no longer be counting down the days for you to shop for that special gift. I must say it has been different for me this year not being part of the sales staff answering phones and questions from our customers. I do honestly wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and hope your day is everything you wish for. Michele and I are very happy that our Son Tom will be with us this year for the first time in many years so my Christmas has already been made. Time to say thanks to all of the fine people here at The GPS Store: Gina and Drew who are very special to Michele and I, Scott, Jamie and Brian my add on Sons. I am so proud of each of you because of the fine Fathers and young men you now have become. Ashley I hope you know how much you mean to Michele and I. Char and Nick we are glad and happy that you each now have a partner in life deserving of all you have to offer. What can I say about Noelle, other than to say thanks for keeping it all together here at the store, we all know who is in charge when Drew and Gina aren’t here. Michele and i wish you and Colin a very special Merry Christmas. Trevor and Ryan our guys that keep our warehouse humming, watching Trevor mature and grow as a fine young man respectful to everyone has been my pleasure. Ryan being the rookie, from what I can see, you have found a home here. Merry Christmas everyone and I will be back after.

We are now down to it.

We are now definitely at the end of the holiday shopping season but we can still get gifts to you in time for Christmas with two day delivery, some items we are even offering free two day delivery. I got to spend some time with my oldest Son yesterday and enjoy the Packer’s Game and a few beers with him. It is a really great wife that volunteers to drop you off and pick you up so you can share time and my wife Michele is really great. Not much else I can say about the coming holiday other that I wish you all a happy and safe Christmas and I hope everyone had a happy and safe Hanukkah.

Where has the time gone

Well we are winding up the final full week of Christmas shopping which means it is the last week without a holiday for the rest of the year. Christmas next Friday and New Years Day the following Friday I just can’t believe that another year has passed. With that being said there is still time to shop for that last minute gift for someone special and we have something for just about any outdoor person from Geocaching to Hunting, to Fishing, to Flying we have something that the receiver will really enjoy. This is my last day of the week and I am pretty excited my oldest son will be in on Saturday to spend the week with my wife and I. Pretty proud of him as I am of my youngest Son as well, it is just that Tom gets more of an opportunity to help the less fortunate just by his profession while Jay does so through the Masons. Still haven’t been able to come up with a present idea for my wife to get me, and time is running short for her to get it anyway. I will be back to write to you again on Monday and hope that any loose ends for shopping come together for you this weekend. Oh I almost forgot we are offering free ground shipping today which should get your packages delivered on 12/24 to most areas.

Holiday Shopping time is running really short.

As i count the days for Christmas shopping left I only see 7 and one of those is going to be experiencing the panic in the store or requesting and paying for overnight delivery on the 24th. Either one is not the best option to feel for you and your wallet. I got the mandate from my Wife yesterday to go to a store and pick out and buy my present because i haven’t been able to give my Wife options for a present this year. So off I go to Best Buy looking at wireless speakers, well I decided on one and it took over an hour for an associate to come to help. When I asked about hearing the one I wanted I was told I could not hear it because it wasn’t “hooked up”, I asked him how he sold it and he said that people just buy it, well not me, I further pressed him about the headphones on the same display and where they were kept and he told me two models were not available, can you guess how many were on display, yup two pair, so I was out of luck and left. Needless to say I still haven’t hit upon a present and I really don’t need anything, I have wonderful friends here at The GPS Store, a beautiful wife, two great sons, and two grandchildren I don’t see often enough so I have all I need. I wish everyone was as lucky as I am and uses their shopping time wisely for this Christmas.

We are now in the last full week before Christmas

Here we are back at work on Monday morning in the last full week of shopping days before Christmas. Where did the time go I can’t say I can wait to pick up that Christmas Card for my wife any longer or I will be only left with ones I don’t like or there may not be any that express what she means to me. With this being said time is running out and if you are waiting to order from not only our store but anywhere do not procrastinate for long. Great football weekend but I was disappointed that Army did not finally beat Navy, i was in the Air Force so I don’t know why I want Army to win other than it has been too long since their last win. We had our store Christmas Party on Saturday night and it was great Drew and Gina spare no expense in thanking us. It is always great to see the spouses and once again Gina and Drew welcome just like they are family to them as well; and to be honest we all feel like family and would do anything for one another. We have had our struggles this year and previous years as well, with health issues but we got our prayers answered, and thank God that he saw fit to answer them. I saw an App, that Garmin has added to their Garmin Connect features that is a “Car locator” for parking lots, the older I get the more I think I may need this. Well that is going to be it for today but i will be back with you on Wednesday.

Mid week shipping reminder

We have received notice from UPS that as of 12/11 this year they will no longer guarantee deliveries. This is a definite change from previous years in which they would guarantee deliveries up to 5 days before Christmas. Looking back though I can’t blame them with the end of season crunch that tests their systems to the max and some years lets them down. Throw in some bad weather and you have a disaster in deliveries. We at The GPS Store always try to recommend the least expensive shipping method that will get your purchases to you on time even at this time of year. It seems to me to be a crazy year for buying though, I have been in the malls on Black Friday and here at the store for Cyber Monday and there just doesn’t seem to be the urgency as in previous years to buy presents. I hope I am wrong but it is just an impression I have. Does anyone mail Christmas Cards, besides my wife, anymore or do we just send a text, a post on Facebook, or an email. We are missing an opportunity to say hello and good wishes to old and new friends and family, by not sending cards. I will be back tomorrow and have news at that time.

Starting week two of Christmas Shopping.

Yes this morning we are entering the second full week of the Christmas Shopping season. It seems had to believe but we are down to 18 days until December 25th. So this being said we are now down to just 13 shipping days until Christmas, and one of those days is December 23rd your last chance for delivery even with overnight delivery which will not get it to you on the 25th. Please check the anticipated delivery of your gifts if you are ordering online. At this time of year a number of internet storefronts will say a product is in stock just to get your order and even worse a number of them do not even keep inventory, they just have another company drop ship your order. We are still offering some really great deals so please take a look at them to see if they match up to someone on your Christmas list.

Specials and more specials

Here we are on Thursday of Cyber Week and we have more specials than ever before. Almost three full pages of sale items from range finders and golf gps, to handheld outdoor gps, running watches, fishfinders, combination units, network plotters and sounders, radars stand alone and network. Something for almost everyone and in price ranges for most people as well. Another tragic mass murder yesterday in San Bernadino, Ca. we here at the GPS Store would like to send our prayers to those victims and their families and our thanks to the first responders. I hope everyone has a great weekend and a safe one as well and I will write to you on Monday.

Christmas season is well under way

Wednesday morning at The GPS Store and the showroom has been busy so far today and the phones have been ringing. Orders from overnight on the internet are being processed, picked and shipped almost as soon as they are received. Our holiday specials have been a real hit so far and stocks are going down so if you saw one you wanted please order as soon as possible. I did see one of our competitors this morning is stock out on a very popular handheld GPS. In reading the Garmin blog this morning I did enjoy the part about training a “Service” Dog and the time and effort that goes into it. I just don’t know how you can take a young puppy and give it back after you house train and socialize it for months. I know what it feels like to loose a dog after having it for many years and the pain is enormous, at least to me. The other half of the blog was devoted to Garmin’s high end running watches that can now provide you with the length of your stride and other data the very serious competitor runner would want. I am not sure that someone looking to jog themselves into or back into shape really needs this data though. I guess the days of starting the timer on your watch when you take off and stopping it when you finish are gone.