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Garmin adds to its fishfinding units.

Back from the weekend and awfully tired today when I got here but I have to admit when I saw some of the items in Garmin’s blog from the weekend I started to wake up a little. Finally fishfinding is moving to real time instead of a historical view. Garmin introduced a GS21 Panoptix LiveVu Forward facing transducer. Although not a clear yet as the picture on your television set it is clear enough where you can actually see your lure as you retrieve it and the way the fish are reacting to it. How really cool is that? In my opinion it is primarily geared to the freshwater fishermen because its range is now 100′, and you don’t have to be moving to see what is happening. Great technology happening in fishfinding for the 21st century. Well i won’t be writing on Wednesday, its Veteran’s Day and I need to be at a memorial honoring those who are no longer with us. If you know a vet, or see one of those guys with the ball cap, and their service on it, take a minute to thank them for what they did, after all it is OUR country the stood up and took an oath to defend.

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