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Archive for November, 2015

Off and running

Well I told you so and now it is here. Officially the holiday shopping season is under way and we are busier than one armed paper hangers. This is a good thing because we get to speak with customers looking for that functional gift for someone who is special to the buyer. The reason I say “functional” is because what we offer is not romantic at least in most instances. We are happy to help with selecting the perfect GPS whether it is for someone hi-tech or grandma who just wants to get good directions. I hope that all of those near and dear to you made it out of the Thanksgiving Holiday without incident and able to get Christmas buying underway. Merry Christmas to everyone.

When does it start?

When is the official start of the Christmas shopping season? It used to be Black Friday but today a lot of stores are offering the promotional prices right now and have been. It is good to see some stores have the sense to close all day on Thanksgiving to let their employees enjoy the time with their families. I hope this is a trend that continues to grow. Some stores have been advertising Christmas with displays since Halloween, this just isn’t right. We here at The GPS Store will be ready for any questions and also recommendations for any member of your family. I do have some advice though don’t wait until the week of Christmas to order. In years past there seems to have been a major storm somewhere in the U.S. that delays deliveries, so please if at all possible order early.

Back again for the last time this week

Yes it is Friday for me today, one of the only benefits when you get old that and a free cup of coffee at McDonalds. Still having a hard time accepting the politicians calling Social Security and Medicare “Entitlements”, people my age only had the government steal money from my take home pay to pay for these items for almost 60 years, I think I earned mine. Enough of that, with the holidays just around the corner let me remind anyone travelling next weekend to make sure their GPS’ are up to date and working, and if you need a replacement just call our sales staff and they can set you right up. We have plenty of great deals right now and of course we will have our holiday specials starting next week. Have a great weekend and I will be posting again on Monday.

Garmin is moving again.

Got in this morning and saw in the Garmin Blogs for the last few days a whole lot of information that many of our readers will find interesting. First Garmin opened its second retail store in Miami on the 17th of November, which will be great for the area, it never hurts to have a classy store open in your city. Second There is a new Widget being offered through the Garmin IQ store called AccuWeather’s MinuteCast which can be downloaded to their newest watches which gives you a 90 minute forecast at your current location. Third a new LiveVu Panoptix trolling motor mount transducer the PS21 And lastly a challenge to Yourself to “Beat Yesterday” It is hard to believe that next Thursday is Thanksgiving and the start of the holiday season for 2015. Let me be the first to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season regardless of your religion. Of course I will wish you this many more times this season.

Back at work after a bad weekend

Good Morning and to say I had a less than stellar weekend would be an under statement. POA annual meeting and the President didn’t show so I had to run a very hostile meeting for 3 hours, it was not a pleasure, I did this when sick as well. Just a messy weekend. Wanted to thank all of the veterans out there on Thursday because I took Wednesday off to join my brothers and sisters in arms at a memorial service. Thank you Drew and Gina for letting the old man off. In reading some of the trade news today, I did come across a story involving one of the companies we are very proud to represent, ACR, and an example of how their products actually saves lives. Too often we don’t see or hear about the companies we represent and their efforts to make boating safer. ACR has also partnered with the families of the two teenagers lost off Jupiter, FL to pass an EPIRB law. Here is another link to ACR’s website and stories or their products saving lives, and I am also posting a link to our website and the products we offer.

Garmin adds to its fishfinding units.

Back from the weekend and awfully tired today when I got here but I have to admit when I saw some of the items in Garmin’s blog from the weekend I started to wake up a little. Finally fishfinding is moving to real time instead of a historical view. Garmin introduced a GS21 Panoptix LiveVu Forward facing transducer. Although not a clear yet as the picture on your television set it is clear enough where you can actually see your lure as you retrieve it and the way the fish are reacting to it. How really cool is that? In my opinion it is primarily geared to the freshwater fishermen because its range is now 100′, and you don’t have to be moving to see what is happening. Great technology happening in fishfinding for the 21st century. Well i won’t be writing on Wednesday, its Veteran’s Day and I need to be at a memorial honoring those who are no longer with us. If you know a vet, or see one of those guys with the ball cap, and their service on it, take a minute to thank them for what they did, after all it is OUR country the stood up and took an oath to defend.

Ft Lauderdale Boat show opens today

It is that time of year when th rich people gather in Ft. Lauderdale for the annual boat show, and what a boat show it is, with all the major manufacturers for boats, electronics, and anything marine on display. VP’s Scott and Jamie from our store will be flying in on Saturday morning and flying home that evening to walk the show and see what is new and will be coming to the store shortly. Of course it isn’t all work for them as then will be entertained by some manufacturers for lunch and possibly a cocktail. One thing new from Garmin is their introduction for their echoMap CHIRP series which will certainly be a hit with fishermen and fisherwomen who want the best technology but don’t need all the bells and whistles that come with network systems. I hope everyone has a great weekend and I will be back on Monday.

Do you think the people at Garmin are happy today?

Yes sports fans the people of Garmin are happy today their beloved KC Royals and the KC Chiefs of the NFL won on Sunday. Life does not get any better than this for a sports fan no matter where they are. The Royals broke the hearts of my youngest son and grandson both of whom are Mets fans, but I am a Yankee fan so I get to rub it in a little. It really was a great world series this year and the only difference that I could see was in the managing. In games 3, 4 and 5 Terry Collins should have used his bull pen differently but what do I know he is the manager, and of course his players let him down with errors at really crucial points in the games. I guess I better get back to telling you about what we have going on today and today’s real special is the Raymarine Dragonfly 7 with Navionics plus charting for $649.95 with transducer a real bargain for a 7″ combination unit with charts and CHIRP sounding capability.