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Archive for October, 2015

Hard to believe

Yes it is hard to believe that these are the last few days of October. Halloween is on Saturday night and Sunday brings in November which makes everyone think of the holiday season for 2015. We have the Garmin echoMap series of chartplotter/fishfinders on sale this week and with the sale price a number of them also have rebates now through November 8th. Makes a really nice gift for the fisherwoman or man in the house. Easy to use and a quality piece of equipment. This weekend brings about a number of safety issues for our children so please be extra careful driving on Saturday night and there may even be a few cocktails consumed by adults who should not be behind the wheel. Well my youngest son and grandson are not real happy campers this morning because the Mets lost the second game and are now down 2-0 in the World Series but being a Yankee fan I am not one who would let this go without rubbing it in a bit. There is just too many sports to watch this time of year with Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Football, Soccer, and NASCAR. If there is another professional sport that is being competed at this time I do apologize for not mentioning it. Well the weekend is upon us so everyone try to break away from in front of the TV and go outside and enjoy the day.

I have seen it all now

By now I would think that the majority of people who read this blog at least know that I am an elder individual, why else would they call me Old Spice. Garmin in their blog announced a “Smart Scale” to interface with virtually all of their Garmin Connect devices. A scale that they say will help you towards your fitness goals. Now I am not sure about that I still believe that you have to get up and put the effort in getting in shape but with this scale you receive what appears to me to be instant information as to how effective your training has been, which I guess is a good thing. Garmin also put in one of their blogs a really informational blurb on CHIRP and the real differences in products. After being involved with the CHIRP fishfinding technology since the start I found it very informational even for me an old man. Well that is all for today I should be back tomorrow all things being equal.

I feel like Crazy Eddy today

Back from a great weekend and hope everyone had a great break too. The reason I say i feel like Crazy Eddie today is it seems like everything in the store is on sale or a rebate is being offered with it and some items have both. Furuno, Garmin, ACR, Standard Horizon, and Lowrance are all offering rebates while Lowrance has some of their popular Elite series combination units on sale. It is turning out to be a really great time of year to purchase marine electronics. The tragedy off Vancouver Island in Canada that has claimed the lives of 5 people while whale watching is another reminder of how dangerous the oceans really are. Well it looks like everyone is back and hard at work taking care of our customers this morning, like normal. Looks like that is all I have to say for today so I will be back with more on Wednesday.

I know I am getting old now.

I had a long discussion with Jamie this morning about the usefulness of all of the data that can be collected by today’s training watches whether for biking or running. To me it is too much data when all I want to know is how far, how fast, and cadence. Now they monitor the pressure your feet make when you are running so you know you are running efficiently. I don’t know how many people are willing to change the way they run based on this measurement; but that is just me. I see everyone in sales is very busy today helping customers with their orders. I am so glad we work for a company that thinks about their customers first, and will always have a phone number for them to contact us, not just hide behind a website with a P.O. Box and email address. Well it is my end of week today so I am signing off until Monday and going to remind you that Halloween will be here soon so get your candy now.

No mid-week let down here

We are off and running on a busy Wednesday here at the store. The young people in the warehouse are really busy this morning getting inventory put away and pulling orders to ship early this morning. Everyone on the sales floor is on the phone and answering phones as fast as the can. JR is on his own for the next couple of days because VP Scott has taken a couple of days off to recharge himself from the very busy marine season and the last boat show in Annapolis. The weather is cool in the morning but getting up close to 80′ for the rest of the week and sunshine without a cloud in the sky. The golfers are loving it and enjoying their time here. Snowbirds should be reading down next late month and continue until February so they can get out of the majority of really cold weather in the north. I do hope everyone is having a great week and I will be back tomorrow.

Cold weather is here this morning

Welcome back to the work week and with the welcome came 37′ for my ride to work this morning, considering it was in the 80’s everyday last week it is a shock to the system. Well we wrapped up the NC Oyster Festival here in Ocean Isle Beach last weekend and a great time was had by everyone who attended. Whether they just enjoyed the weather and spirit of the festival or participated in an Oyster eating, shucking, or stew contest. Some people just enjoyed the music while others competed in two different types of races the festival’s road race or the Muddy Oyster Challenge which is a mud run on steroids. Me, I walk the vendor area and listen to the music and just enjoy where we are on earth. Everyone here is taking a breath and preparing for the holiday season which is fast approaching, and we will have plenty of specials to match your holiday needs. I take great pleasure watching the younger people here with there children, most of them I was here when they came into this world. It makes me feel good to see that their children are is such good hands.

Getting back to normal

Everyone is back at their desk and orders from the Annapolis Show are shipping everyday, so life is good here at The GPS Store. If you have any questions about GPS or marine electronics just give us a call or email us at, we will get back to you within an hour during the business day. I just looked at the calendar and we only have about 11 weeks until Christmas. If you haven’t seen it Garmin announced a baby camera today, this, at least to me, is a product that is long overdue. How man times have a mother or father had to drive their car without being able to see what their child is getting into in the back, especially with the rear facing baby seat. I hope every new mom or dad gets one either as a gift or an investment. I hope everyone has a great weekend and I will be back on Monday.

Back at full staff

I got to work this morning and everyone is here. Scott and Brian are back from Annapolis and everyone else is accounted for in the store. I can’t tell you enough how hard our guys and girls work to make everything right for a boat show. Brian and Scott drive from Ocean isle Beach to Annapolis on Wednesday morning drive 7 hours and then spend another two to three hours setting up for the show the next morning, then work for over 40 hours the next 5 days, and drive back the 7 hours to Ocean Isle Beach, the guys are really worn out when they get hear but happy to have met so many new and old friends at the show. We had another great show based on sales and were happy to have met a lot of people face to face. We have a great deal on a 12″ color networkable chartplotter with coastal charting in the GPSMAP 6212 from Garmin a real workhorse for any serious mariner. Enjoy your day and I will be back with you tomorrow.

Last day at Annapolis

Good morning everyone today is the last day at the Annapolis Sailboat Show for 2015. I hope if you are in the area and need marine electronics you take the opportunity to go and enjoy the show and of course stop by our booth and meet Brian and Scott, who can really help you with any questions you have. Prices are at the lowest they will be for the rest of the year so if you need something before you head to the Bahamas for the winter come on in. Well the weather didn’t really give us too much of a break down here it started raining on Saturday afternoon and some more flooding happened in areas that residents were just able to get back to. I will get back to you on Wednesday so stay safe…

Day one at the Annapolis Sailboat Show

The Annapolis Sailboat Show opened its doors at 10:00 A. M. this morning and Scott and Brian were standing tall speaking with Show goers as they passed by, and we hope answering questions and selling marine electronics as well. This is always a great show for sailors waiting to make the passage south to winter in the Bahamas or south Florida. A lot of our Canadian friends are waiting for insurance to kick in or something else that allows them to travel legally and safely to their southern destination. South Carolina, at least the coastal areas are now bracing for flood waters being sent down the smaller rivers and creeks to the ocean. When they are hear at high tide there is no place for them to go so flooding over their banks occurs. Georgetown is still experiencing some evacuations and of course the people most affected are the ones who can least afford it. I hope you all can remember these people in your prayers for the near future as they try to cope with this natural disaster.