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The Pope is gone.

Well I have to say that I watched the Pope in just about everyplace he was on his 6 day trip to the U.S., and I do have to say what a humble and holy man he is. I thought he was going to make some very damning statements to the U.S. about some of our recent practices, but he made just comments about them in passing and never pointed a finger at any person or group. At the same time everyone knew who he was pointing at. WToday Scott and Brian are putting together the finishing touches as to what they will need for the Annapolis Sailboat Show, the usual details like reservations being confirmed, pricing books and discounts from the manufacturers, and our display making sure it is still in good repair. One other thing I know they are checking on with our reps, is to make sure they are there to support our efforts in getting our customers the right product for their needs. I am now signing off for today but I will be back on Wednesday.

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