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Archive for September, 2015

Garmin winning again


GARMINIf you haven’t had a chance take a look at Garmin’s blog for today, boats equipped with Garmin plotters and sounders won 1st and 2nd in the Mobile Big Game Fishing Club Labor Day Tournament. The 1st place finisher won over $55,000.00 and the 2nd place boat took home $34,000 and change. Not bad for doing something you like, and the boats are spectacular as well. Hope you all have a great day an i will be back tomorrow.

The Pope is gone.

Well I have to say that I watched the Pope in just about everyplace he was on his 6 day trip to the U.S., and I do have to say what a humble and holy man he is. I thought he was going to make some very damning statements to the U.S. about some of our recent practices, but he made just comments about them in passing and never pointed a finger at any person or group. At the same time everyone knew who he was pointing at. WToday Scott and Brian are putting together the finishing touches as to what they will need for the Annapolis Sailboat Show, the usual details like reservations being confirmed, pricing books and discounts from the manufacturers, and our display making sure it is still in good repair. One other thing I know they are checking on with our reps, is to make sure they are there to support our efforts in getting our customers the right product for their needs. I am now signing off for today but I will be back on Wednesday.

Hunting season is almost here

Well I said that hunting season was almost here is a post earlier this week well to day Garmin in their Blog also posted news about the approaching hunting season. (and i thought they weren’t looking) In their blog they made some very good point with me that I hadn’t thought of: like get to your stand earlier than other hunters which will make their movement almost like a drive towards your location; and don’t mark you stand with tape or ribbon because waypoints on your GP will do that for you. Lastly preview the area where you wish to hunt using either Google Earth or Garmin’s 24K Topo or their new Huntview mapping with the free Garmin Basecamp software. Don’t forget everyone we have a tremendous price on a big screen plotter the GPSMAP 6212. Once again I will be back on Monday and hope you have a great weekend.

A little early

I guess I got my signals crossed I thought that Sep 21 was the Autumnal Equinox and the first day of fall not the 23rd which is today. Sorry to have mislead you about that, but it is still true hunting seasons are right around the corner. All of you sailboaters, who are planning on heading to the Bahamas for the winter should have started your preparations by now but; if you haven’t we can help you with new or updated charting and electronics. If you are planning on attending the Annapolis Sailboat Show in October look for us there in Tent B40. It is getting down to the end of the month for the store’s sales so it is always a good time to speak to the sales force to see if there is a better price on something you have been looking at. Stay safe and I will write tomorrow.

Summer has ended

Back to work and now on to fall and the hunters will be starting to really get interested in the days and nights hoping for cold overnights that lead to cool mornings. Time to start planning for the hunt whether you are in NC or Wy a GPS is becoming a necessity rather than a luxury. No longer do you need a math degree to operate a handheld GPS, the touch screens on many models make it a snap to operate. for those of you that use dogs in your hunt you may want to consider an Astro or an Alpha to know where your dogs are on the map. Hard to believe that summer has passed for another year. I hope everyone got to do something they wanted to do this summer so you have a memory to hold on to until next year.

Morning after the debate

Hello everyone, I hope no one stayed up too late watching the debate last night. I found it entertaining and for the first time the plans of how and what should be done started to take shape, at least with some of the candidates. We are at full staff in customer service so if you have any questions today and tomorrow would be good days to get an answer from the sales force with the most knowledge about what they are offering. Garmin had some good looking items in their blogs the last couple of days, one for the geocachers about the most difficult geocaches to find. Another item on their blog was about training “Hog dogs” which sounds like something to do if you are going to use a dog to hunt wild hogs. I hope everyone has a great weekend and of course be safe in your travels.

Are you ready for some football

The first weekend of pro football is almost in the books and everyone here is looking at their rosters for fantasy football to see who they would like to move. I know that I had a horrible week with Cam Newton at quarterback. Our focus here at the store is turning to the Annapolis Sailboat Show in October and the details that need to go into a successful show for us. The room confirmation, vendor pricing, and of course personnel to go and not leave the store too shorthanded. We still have some very attractive specials like the Oregon 650T with a 8 Mg camera for $369.95 a great deal. If you are considering a hunt in one of the western states I would advise adding the Huntview Mapping for the state you are going to hunt. It is critical in those states to know where you are because in some of them the land owner is not required to post his or her property. Be here on Wednesday to post again.

Online Help

Trying to think about what to help you with or think about I found that some people need help with their electronics. A number of our manufacturers like Lowrance, Garmin and Furuno all have instructional videos available on their websites. So if you have a new device check their websites to see if there is a video to help you get the most out your device. Well tomorrow is the anniversary of one of the darkest days in our country’s history 9/11. I hope that everyone takes just a second to say a small prayer of thanks that we live in such a great country, even will all the garbage that is going on it is still better than anywhere else on this planet. We still have our “Specials, Deals and Closeouts” link on our website that may have something of interest for you, so check it out before you buy a GPS or marine electronics. See you next week.

Summer is gone

Well it is back to work for me after almost three weeks of non-stop company, and now kind of sad when they leave, but I am always glad to see my family here at the store even though some are missing this week. Things appear to be a little slow in the showroom this morning but will probably pick up later today. I did see a theme when I caught up on the Garmin blog that they are putting a huge effort into their Virb X and XE models with a new mobile app for them, and an instructional article on how to connect them. Also there is a new accessory for them called the OBD2 Data Relay which appears to connect to your cars on board computer to relay engine information to the recording from the Virb X or XE. Of course please check out our website for specials we are running.