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Archive for August, 2015

Vacation time

Hello everyone, well today is my last for a few days as i am spending some time with my Wife and Son, so i will not be back to post to the blog next week. Some of the higher ups at the store are going to Kansas to meet with Garmin next week to talk about how things are going and what we can do for each other so look for some news from the store the following week. Another tragedy yesterday, this time near Roanoke, Va., and I see there are those with all sorts of ideas on how to prevent it. I have plenty but here is not the place to discuss them. I will just pray for the families and friends of Ms.Parker and Mr. Ward. My oldest Son is a media personality in Roanoke and friendly with all of the victims so it hit close to home. He and I need a little Father Son time so this week coming will be good for both of us.

Update & Backup

It is now close to fall here in the Carolinas and time for everyone to start to think about what needs to be done to your electronics. If you have found new fishing spots and marked them don’t forget to backup your waypoints and keep them at home, just in case you lose your chartplotter or boat. You should also update your electronics when new updates become available it is just good practice to make sure you are up to date. Most manufacturers make it easy to find updates for your electronics like Garmin and Lowrance to name a couple. There are also instructions on how to upgrade your electronics to the latest revision. Instructional videos are available from some manufactures as well: Garmin, Lowrance and Furuno. If you haven’t noticed our Summer Clearance Sale is still going on and going strong.

FLW Forrest Wood Tournament

Weekend is over and we are back at work this morning with a full staff on the sales floor. I checked the results from the Forrest Wood Cup FLW Tour tournament for this past weekend and Garmin seemed to be gaining in popularity especially with two finishers in the top 5 and Scott Martin leading in the Angler of the year category. Panoptix is really becoming a necessary tool for bass fishermen if they want to compete at the highest level and LakeVu Ultra HD charting is definitely also gaining in popularity. Our Sizzling Summer Clearance Sale is on going and we have something for just about everyone on sale. I hope everyone is off to a great start this week and you get to keep it going all week long.

Summer Clearance Sale

Remember I told you yesterday to look for an announcement from the store today well it is our Summer Clearance Sale. We have put a cross section of products on sale so if you are looking for marine, automotive, outdoor or Sport and Fitness we probably have a great deal to meet your needs. This weekend is the Forrest Wood Cup fishing tournament held on Lake Ouachita near Hot Springs, Arkansas and a number of the Garmin sponsored entries are looking forward to a big finish especially FLW Angler of the Year Scott Martin. Here is wishing him and all of the fishermen good luck and safe waters to fish. In our sale we are offering a number of marine safety products that may save a life so please take a look at them. Off till Monday so have a great weekend.

School starting

Well down in Coastal Carolina school is starting over the next couple of days so I do hope that everyone enjoyed their summer and had great vacations. For older people like me now is the time for company and my first wave hit the ground in Myrtle Beach yesterday with the arrival of my sister in law Linda, who will be with us through Tuesday next week, with more to come Thursday of the same week. Watch our website for some big news, that I will have more information on tomorrow. Garmin’s blog is all about the Forrest Wood Classic bass tournament and what their sponsored fishermen are doing to prepare. Look for me tomorrow with some good news for the shopper at The GPS Store.

Happy Monday

Wow what a great weekend we had down here.
Weather cooperated once again and we were able to be outside in the sunshine. A major happening for local band “Bailout” as their first album became available it is called “Postcard”. This is pretty cool to have one of the people who hired me be part of the band, Congratulations Drew and thanks for the opportunity. Well it is going to get busy for me with company for the next three weeks. I have family flying down tomorrow through Tuesday the 25th with more company on the 27th and our oldest son on 8/28 and staying through 9/7. It will be busy but it is always good to see family. We received notice from Furuno that they have a software update for their DRS4W wireless radar that increases the Auto Sensitivity Time Control which results in better detection of close range targets. The update can be found on Furuno’s website. A great thing about Furuno is they never stop improving on their equipment. A lot going on inside the FLW Tour tournament taking place this weekend that I will update you on later this week.

Here Today Gone Tomorrow

Wow it is hard to believe that summer is at its official half way point and now we can start counting down until fall. School is soon to start in all areas of the country unless it has already started where you are. The last travelling days of vacation are now in front of people, I know because my wife and I have company starting next Tuesday and ending Sep. 7, it will be great to see our family and friends from the north. I have lost track of the number of days that they boys went missing off the coast of Florida, the families just called off the search but we are still praying for them. As a veteran some of the issues that are happening in our country are not exactly what I signed up to defend but, I did sign up for their right to do so. Off tomorrow to get some more work done on my Mustang, I don’t think I knew that having a hobby like mine required a cash outlay every time a new option came out, whether for performance or just better protection for the internals. I did see on Garmin’s blog this morning how one of their pros used Panoptix during tournaments, he also tunes his SideVu prior to tournaments. Maybe these tips will help you with your electronics or prompt you to think about change to the ones that will produce fish for you.


Here on a Tuesday because we have a couple of people out today. I may even get to answer a phone call or two, so if you are wondering what I sound like give us a call today. Things here at the store have been steady in the showroom and on the phone but no surge like boat show, or Christmas seasons and of course around Dads and Grads time. If you are still looking for a good deal for a handheld GPS for hunting season take a look at the GPSMAP 64S from Garmin it might be the best handheld available today, in my opinion. I guess someone should make an effort to calm the tension in Ferguson, Mo., but whatever it is I do hope the citizens of that town are safe, and confidence in their elected officials and police can be restored.

Start of the Week

I hope that everyone had a good weekend. Weather was absolutely great here in the mornings but did get a little warm in the afternoon. Well just about ten days left until the kids will be back in school so I hope everyone planning on one last trip has their GPS up to date and working. I know we can help you with that if you need it. Has anyone else been watching Wicked Tuna Outer Banks? Brian and Scott from our store got to meet Marciano at the Atlantic City Boat Show a couple of years ago. One of the boats they are showing this year is out of Carolina Beach in Wilmington, NC, just up the road from us. Those guys really have an issue getting in and out of the harbors up there. It was a tough couple of days in the sports world with the deaths of Frank Gifford and Buddy Baker. I can remember when I was young in Northern New York routing for Micky Mantle and the Yankees all summer and fall and then Frank Gifford and the Giants for the fall and winter. I always thought that Frank was someone I could look up to. I only became aware of Buddy Baker slightly later in life when I became a NASCAR fan. It was something to watch the way he almost forced a car to go fast, there wasn’t any finesse in the way Buddy drove a car. Both Buddy and Frank will be missed by me and some of us at The GPS Store.

Hi All

Today is my Friday and I don’t have a thing planned for the weekend. i don’t have to take the dog to get groomed, don’t have to go shopping for a bridal or baby shower, don’t even have to get up tomorrow if I don’t want to, but I will. Things are a little slow here in the store so it would be a great time to call us to ask questions about any marine questions you may have from transducer selection to networking we have the people who can answer your questions. I haven’t seen it yet but Flir has announced a new camera that has Scott excited so it really must be something. I hope you all are getting our email on what our specials are because, eventually we will hit something you are interested in. I don’t know what to say any longer about our two missing boys from Florida except to their families to let them know they are still in our prayers. I hope everyone has a good weekend and I will be back on Monday.