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Hump Day

Back again today and ready for the world here at The GPS Store. The sales force has just finished a pep talk from Scott and are ready to deal. Well maybe it was just a reminder to them that we offer the best in customer service to the people who call or email us, not that they need any reminder because they are absolutely the best. My Father used to say a wise individual may not have all the answers but knows where to get them, and our staff certainly will do their best to get the answers for our customers. The two teens lost at sea in Florida and remain in our prayers, just praying for a miracle and I am sure their parents, family and friends are as well. I saw on the news that the “Iron Cowboy” James Lawrence completed his 50th triathlon, on the 50th day, and in the 50th state; just an amazing fete, we send our congratulations from the store and look forward to his next challenge.

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