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Archive for July, 2015


Hi everyone, I hope your week has flown by like mine has and you have accomplished all you started out to do. We are still praying for the two boys in Florida to be found safe and sound, and continue to send our best wishes for their families and friends. One more day for July, the summer is flying by so if you are thinking about a handheld GPS for hiking or hunting, Chartplotter/fishfinder for the boat don’t wait too long or you will be doing the same thing next year. I know the hunters in our office are starting to get excited about hunting this fall and to the ones who hunt big game in the western states consider Garmin’s Hunt View mapping to help you stay legal and away from restricted areas. Getting down to it for July and our sales force is ready to help you with questions and answers regarding GPS, Marine Electronics and anything related, please give them a call. I just spoke to Scott the VP for Sales and watch out for a great sale on Lowrance products.

Hump Day

Back again today and ready for the world here at The GPS Store. The sales force has just finished a pep talk from Scott and are ready to deal. Well maybe it was just a reminder to them that we offer the best in customer service to the people who call or email us, not that they need any reminder because they are absolutely the best. My Father used to say a wise individual may not have all the answers but knows where to get them, and our staff certainly will do their best to get the answers for our customers. The two teens lost at sea in Florida and remain in our prayers, just praying for a miracle and I am sure their parents, family and friends are as well. I saw on the news that the “Iron Cowboy” James Lawrence completed his 50th triathlon, on the 50th day, and in the 50th state; just an amazing fete, we send our congratulations from the store and look forward to his next challenge.

Here I Am

Monday and the week is starting over. I saw the sales staff getting a pep talk this morning to get their spirits up. It is always a good thing to speak with these people to see what is on their minds, they have great ideas about their training and what they feel they need to best support their customers. It is great that they take the initiative to better the support that they provide the customers of The GPS Store. I saw in Garmin’s blog another posting about how Panoptix helped Scott Martin with Angler of the Year. It is an easy read and helps with the understanding of what Panoptix really is and how it works. Our prayers at The GPS Store go out to the families who are searching for the two boys in Florida may God guide and watch over you.

Great Day

I thought that I would wait a little longer to write the blog today just to see if anything came up and it sure did. Today is the birthday of one of our owners Drew and i would like to personally thank him for taking a chance on me nearly ten years ago, he and Gina are a big part of my wife Michele and my life and always will be. Well enough of that sentimental stuff, it is getting down to the end of the month and we are close to our goal so if anyone is looking at a new marine package now is the time to ask Jamie and Scott they may be a little more willing to deal. If you need help designing your new electronics package we can help you. Brian is a certified in NMEA 2000 as is Scott and also a certified Garmin installer, Jamie is equally talented in marine network design so we have the people to answer your questions and recommend solutions. Have a great weekend and I will be back with you on Monday.

Hello Out There

Wednesday here and I just reviewed what specials we are offering and could not believe some of them. I saw Garmin’s GPSMAP 78SC for $249.95 this handheld GPS has charting we sell for $129.95 by itself already loaded in it so if you are looking for a backup for your boat or simply want a handheld instead of a chartplotter this is the one to look at. The darn thing even floats if you drop it overboard, I like to say you can get it back with a net not scuba gear. The list is scattered with items that people look at everyday not just once a year so if you are looking for GPS related items now is the time to check us out.

Welcome Back to the Work Week

Well Monday again and it was a hot and long weekend for me at Mustang Week Events with the Cruise In happening in on Saturday. I can’t tell you how many of the Mustang participants were using GoPro cameras to document their time in Myrtle Beach for the week. You can see alot of the activities as well as photos and videos of the week on Facebook at Friends of Mustank Week. GoPro announced earlier this month a new camera that is even more compact and easier to operate called the GoPro Hero 4 Session. It is so new I did not see one at the show but i will see a lot next year. I hope everyone has a great start to their week and I will check in again on Wednesday.

Surprise I am here

Great morning in the Carolina’s, weather is warm but not killer yet and the sun is out. Good day for the meet and greet at Mustang Week and a great weather day for outdoors. If you take to the water or mountains make sure you stay hydrated and bring sun screen. I saw this morning, in by readings, that there are now apps on Garmin Live for rowing that can be downloaded to a Fenix 3. Starting to think that there are not many activities left that you can’t get your calories burned information from. In my case I just add more calories to take up the space for the burned ones. If you haven’t had an opportunity to take a look at the Garmin GPSMAP 6212 MFD take a minute just to get an idea of its capability and to see what a bargain it is.


Exciting week here at the store, for me at least as Mustang Week 2015 officially starts tomorrow. Lots of people who share my interest and always a week to window shop for what to do to my car next. All culminates on Saturday with the results of the judging and a “Cruise In” of probably 8,000 Mustangs. It is a sight to see all colors and trim levels and add-ons as well, from originals to the newest models, a great day to see what looks like everything. In Garmin’s blog this morning the winner of this year’s Big Rock Fishing Tournament was the 62 Viking using Garmin electronics. The Captain credited Garmin’s SiriusXM weather receiver which presented him with a picture of some warmer water that he positioned the spread of lines just off the point of it to catch the 680 lb. Blue Marlin. Also on Garmin’s blog was a checklist you should use for your fishing trips, it could save you a lot of aggrivation later. We have a great special on our website for the fishermen out there it is Garmin’s GPSMAP 6212 a full 12″ color screen with coastal charting already loaded, and it is completely networkable.

Great Day

Hello Again,
Another great weather day here in the Carolinas, I just wish that the sharks would stop biting our visitors, presents a problem for tourism. The Tour de France is well under way and the Cannondale/Garmin team is performing better than expected, Talansky Andrew Talansky is in 20th place overall at the start of Stage 6 this morning and has been steady. Today’s stage is a long one with little elevation change so what they now refer to as “Spinners” should do well, with the climbers taking center stage later in the Tour, when they head into the Alps. This is generally where the Tour winner separates himself from the rest. In Garmin’s blog today there was an interesting piece on “Tube Jigs” and the presentation for small mouth bass. Of course some common sense items to look at for running in hot weather never hurts. See you on Monday.

Back Again

Great Day,
Here I am again and the weather is warm and beautiful again> I wonder if we are paying for the weather with shark attacks this year. Another one on the fourth, this time a marine in Surf City, I bet that shark will never bite another human after that marine kicked its a–, Semper Fi. I looked in our Deal section on our website and we really do have something for everyone. A 5″ screen auto GPS with lifetime map updates for under $80.00, fitness watches for less than $60.00 and much more. Check out our Deal section.