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Archive for June, 2015

Here we go again

Hello to Everyone,
Starting another week and it is a short week for most of us, except those hard working people at The GPS Store who will be here on Friday taking orders and answering questions. I see that the NYS Police caught the second escapee from Dannemora, congratulations to them; and I know as a former resident of that area, a sense of relief has returned to the north country. Spent enough time in Ting’s Tavern in my youth to know what the prison means to the community and all of Clinton County. I was a slightly in disbelief with the news coverage of the pursuit, they seemed to think it would be easy to find them. Well having hunted and fished near Dannemora, Lyon Mountain and Standish I knew just how difficult the terrain would be. Glad you are all safe and can now enjoy a great holiday weekend.

One More

Good Morning,
Here again for my last day this week. I have a bathroom renovation going on at my home and it has been a real issue but straightening out. I hope everyone who is travelling over the 4th of July is getting organized, their car ready and made sure reservations or destinations are ready for you. Nothing worse than to drive into a resort and find out your reservation starts the next day or week. We had our Raymarine Rep in this morning and he is working with us some better programs that should help our customers with price. Greg is a good man so we expect things to get better for our customers. He also is good for enough bagels to feed everyone and their families. I hope you have a good weekend and remember to take care of yourself and your family. One last thing Garmin came out with their next 5 lakes for bass fishing and Lake Erie is on it, this is truly remarkable considering it was one of the most polluted lakes in the country 25 years ago.

I am Back

Hi Everyone,
We hit mid-week running today with plenty to do here at the store, We are getting towards the end of the month so keep looking to see what Scott and Jamie put on special, we are close to making our goal and they may be planning something to push us over the top. We have plenty of expertise with our sales force so please let us get you answers to your GPS questions whether marine, auto, or outdoor, we would be happy to help you. Here is a link for all you runners out there on proper stretching before you run, it is from the Garmin Blog from 6/22. I will be back tomorrow so take care of yourselves and those close to you.

Here we go again

Back to Work,
Well I hope that everyone had a great weekend and the Dads out there got to spend some time with their kids and family. It is really a great day as I am sure Mothers Day is to Mom. The Jollymon fishing tournament wrapped up over the weekend in Ocean Isle Beach and here is a link to the results from it. I hope everyone has a great start to their week and I will be back with you on Wednesday.

New Day

Well it is the end of the week for me so I am going to remind everyone that Fathers’ Day is Sunday and Dad would love just to hear your voice as the best present you could ever give him. Terrible violence going on in this country right now with the mass murders in the church in Charleston overnight. Is it because of the way the U.S. is right now or is it because of the media coverage and saturation. Seems to me we just didn’t hear of anything but the big crimes when I was growing up but of course we had to read the newspaper and watch 30 minutes of national news to get what was happening in the world, not 24 hours a day 7 days a week of nothing but what is perceived to be news. I really feel sorry for the victims and their families and friends in Charleston and hope that closure comes quickly for them. Please take care of yourself and your neighbor and have a great weekend.
Happy Father’s Day means More than flowers and gifts, It means saying Thank You, It means saying I Love You, You are the best dad, and my best friend, Today is your day.
P.S. we can still get a gift to you for Fathers’ Day if you haven’t gotten one yet.Dad


Hot as Haites,
Wow it has been hot the last couple of days in some low spots well over 100 degrees and very high 90’s on the ocean. So hot you don’t want to do anything outside but I still see people on the golf course and think to myself why are they playing in this weather. Well Fathers’ Day is getting really close now and if you are thinking about ordering online please do it so it can be shipped today or you may be disappointed with having to pay for expedited shipping fees. We still are offering some good deals that can be at your door Friday. Saw an interview with the 16 year old boy who lost his arm in the shark attack this weekend and he seems to have a super attitude, we here at the store wish him only the best in his recovery as we do for all the children who were attacked this past weekend.

Beginning Again

Hi everyone,
Welcome back to work from a scorching weekend here in the Carolinas. Well the big news here is the shark attacks that happened in Ocean Isle Beach and Oak island our neighboring island about 10 miles to the north as the crow flies. From what I gather the ones on Oak island were more vicious than the ones here but never the less how terrifying if you are a parent. Just a reminder Fathers’ Day is this weekend, and your time to shop for his is getting short. We are offering some specials that may be something he would want so take a look and here is a link to them. Have a great week and I will be back with you later.

New Day

Thursday it is, and close to the end of the week isn’t it? Well Dad’s day is now 10 days away and if you are going to get a present delivered in time you better start thinking about ordering. Don’t wait till the last day and get angry when you find out to get it in time you have to pay extra for shipping. We have plenty of specials and ideas on our website. There is an interesting article on Garmin’s blog explaining the differences and who should use which eTrex. Please be safe in whatever you do this weekend and remember to look out for each other.

New Day

Hi everyone,
Time to start thinking about the weekend and making plans. Don’t forget to check your gear whether it is on the boat or in your backpack make sure you have what you need and it is working. Don’t forget to make your checklist for last minute needs like ice, bait, and things of this nature. Time is getting short for Fathers’ Day shopping, so set some time to either shop online or got to the store. I am hoping my sons are reading this so they remember, just kidding they don’t forget Dad. Our last email had some inexpensive gift ideas for Dad so you may want to look at them. Well I have to go for today so stay well and I will write tomorrow.

Sunshine again

Good Morning,
Glad to be around today as the weather is beautiful and warm again. I hope everyone got around to at least begin thinking about Fathers’ Day and what good old Dad would want, myself I am looking at a pair of Steiner binoculars. We have plenty to offer anyone looking for a present for Dad or the Grad. Well things are starting to pick up again in the showroom, as summer comes and schools are out in our area. I will be back with you on Wednesday, take care.