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Archive for April, 2015

Good Morning

Hi Everyone,
Well we made it to Wednesday and i will be off for a few days to celebrate my son’s birthday, with him. Pretty cool when a Dad and Son can like each other enough to want to spend time with each other. i was reviewing the home pages for the manufacturers we represent and found Lumishore has a Blog as well in which they made reference to “Breakwater Chicago” which is going to be a floating island with docking, shops and a restaurant to be anchored I guess outside the harbor on Lake Michigan, and in winter it will be moored in the harbor and enclosed.
Agazin you guys who are late shopping or thinking about Mother’s Day check out our specials for different fitness activities. Fitness Time to look at your radios ladies and gentlemen please inspect your antenna for any crimps or cracks which may block emergency transmission or reception and if you are looking for a new radio here is a link to the newest Icom the M324 and M324G


It’s only Tuesday,
Surprise I am here today. I am taking a couple of days at the end of the week my oldest Son is coming into town to celebrate his birthday, so I will be putting down the pen and going on air with him on his radio show Thursday and Friday morning. Should be a good time he really is a fine young man and I am very proud of him. Well it is getting on to Mothers’ Day and you guys out there should start looking for something or finding out what she wants to stay in her good graces for the coming year. We have plenty we can offer for the Golfing or Running and Fitness Mom, give us a call and we can try to help. I saw something digging on Furuno’s website that they have added an enhancement to their NavPilot 711C called “Sabiki mode” which should be a great asset to the deep water jig fisherman to keep them on a particular piece of structure. if you get a chance to look at Garmin’s website please take a look at their “Wings for Life Run” section, it looks like a great charity for a great cause.

Back Again

Happy Monday,
Well as happy as it can be. It was a little cool here this morning 50′ at 6:30 when the dog decided he needed to go out. I hope everyone had a good weekend and is looking forward to this week. did you happen to notice or see that Garmin is going to offer a nuviCam , a dashboard camera for your car and not the police car, this is really pretty cool but I am not sure that everyone would want a video of their trip in the car, I know I wouldn’t want evidence of the threats to my children when we traveled in the car. A lot of tourists in our area with more to come I am sure. I can always tell when I will be delayed on my way to the store, when I see a minivan with 4 heads in it and out of state plates. i know they will be looking for a golf course and don’t have a GPS to direct them. just getting into the swing of things today and will have more for you later this week.

Last Day

Good Morning,
I just got through reviewing the Garmin blog for today and saw where they were interviewing one of their new bass pro’s and it was an interview asking him on his favorite lures and not a mention of why he switched to Garmin and their new electronics. I thought to myself I would want to know what features of the new equipment made him switch and how he thinks they will impact his results but no just his lures and turkey hunting. Garmin Blog Well it looks like the weekend is calling me so I am out of here.


Hello Everyone,
Well we made it to Wednesday and i hope everyone is having a good week. I see on Garmin’s Blog today that they have a few picks for summer camping trips, and they really are the destinations that most people would like to go to, Yosemite, Grand Canyon and Great Smokey Mtns. If you get to enjoy any of these places please make sure your GPS devices are updated both mapping and firmware to keep you safe if you venture away from the campsite on a hiking excursion. Also on Garmin’s blog they are having some type of what must be a management seminar where they have brought in a “Meditation Expert” to teach them how to relax, is this anything like sleeping at your desk? I don’t think that management here will go along with it or i would be taking my afternoon nap here instead of at home.


Hi Everyone,

Well I am the proud owner of a new HVAC system at my home. I had to have emergency replacement on Friday or my wife was going to leave me. Al least my dog will be comfortable sleeping all day while we are gone. I see that Garmin hosted a large running event this past weekend. They had 560 competitors for a full marathon, 1876 for a 1/2 marathon, 433 for a 10K, and they also had a marathon relay run that they didn’t post the number of people running. Looks like a lot of people are being bitten by the running bug and if you are one of them we do have a number of great training aids to help you better your times. I hope all of you had a great weekend and where possible you got to enjoy the outside.

Virb XE

Good Morning,
Things are starting to pick up here at the store for summer even though spring has just started. Garmin has announced a new action camera the Virb XE which is a redesign of their popular Virb cameras. They actually have sensors built in to them to compensate for such things as speed, g-force, altitude and GPS Position the video on their website is really pretty cool. All of you geo cachers out there it is time to update your units firmware and make sure your mapping is updated as well. You cn use a website like to find new caches to find. I saw on Garmin’s website something I didn’t know they had called “tempe” which is a remote sensor that can be put into a closed area like a dog’s kennel to monitor the temperature, which would be very important after a day in the field. Well it is the weekend for me and more on my list than i should have to do but it has to get done. Can’t leave my wife without AC or a Washing Machine.

Welcome Back

Hi Everyone,
Well it is nice to be back from the weekend. The weather has turned nice but pollen is still thick in the air, my black cars are green from pollen but it will be gone in a couple of weeks. How about that Masters Tournament and the drama and nerves that CBS creates in their coverage. The kid had a great tournament but won by 4 strokes and was really never challenged, but CBS made me feel that if he messed up his next shot the tournament would be lost. I guess shame on me for letting their announcers and music get to me, but congratulations to Jordan Spieth what a remarkable exhibition of calm and cool you provided the world. Well now that the bug has gotten you to play golf again how about taking a look at the Garmin Approach golf GPS we offer or the Bushnell Laser Rangefinders we also have for sale. Either or both will help your game, by providing you with accurate yardages on how far you hit your new clubs to hof far it is the the pin or a hazard. Well i will not be here on Wednesday, I lost the HVAC at home on Friday and the funeral and Irish Wake are being held on Wednesday.

Weekend For Me

Hi Everyone,
Well I am off tomorrow and will probably be stuck in front of a television set watching the Masters or Baseball or Hockey or Basketball and whatever sports is actually in season. some of these professional sports have a season that is too long. Hockey and Basketball in June or close to it is not right. They just keep diluting the dollars that are available to attend sporting events, they have to either cut the schedule or number of teams in the playoffs to reduce the season to something reasonable. I was searching on the coverage of the par-3 at Augusta yesterday and noticed a number of range finders in the crowd which I though was very interesting. We are dealers for the Bushnell rangefinders so check them out on our website.

Wednesday Again

Hello Everyone,
Well it certainly has been a busy week for sports both college and professional. Congratulations to Jack Reger who won our in house ncaa basketball pool, and congratulations to Duke men and U Conn ladies basketball teams on their national championships 5 and 10, really impressive. Opening Day for major league baseball on Sunday and the season will be in full swing this week, glad to see this because now the Myrtle Beach Pelicans season is set to open too. Lastly the Masters starts tomorrow, I am always impressed with the beauty of that golf course and what seems to be the drama of the tournament on Sunday. We have some great specials currently if you are looking for a great auto unit the Nuvi 2797LMT is certainly a good one and Garmin’s promotion to buy one of the designated plotters and add a G2 Vision Chart for a $200.00 rebate. Both are really good deals.