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Archive for March, 2015

Here Again

Good Morning,

The weather today is quite a bit warmer and the golfers on the way to work didn’t look like they all weighed 300 lbs with their layers of clothing. Warmer weather means spring is not too far away and we could see 70′ temperature on Wednesday, which is a welcomed feeling. I see that Boston is near their all time record for snowfall for a season, I guess that is part of the reason for the name change from “global Warming” to “Climate Change”, tough to convince someone the climate is warming when they are colder that ever before. I hope everyone remembers to do some training and exercise indoors before venturing to the running and biking trails in a few weeks, it just may make your season more enjoyable. I see all of major league baseball is in full swing in Arizona and Florida, this always marks spring for me, even growing up on the St. Lawrence River I knew baseball would be coming in about 8 weeks. We still have some deals leftover from our boat shows so if you are looking for something we may have it at a good price. We have a good inventory of fitness and sports GPS and training aids, and for something new you may want to look at the GoPro line of cameras for recording your adventures.