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Archive for March, 2015


Hi Everyone,
I hope everybody had a great weekend. Ours was a little cool on Sunday but it didn’t keep the golfers off the courses, I guess they were from the north. Well I hope everyone who is playing in an NCAA Basketball bracket whether women or men still has a shot at winning, I got shot in the foot when Kentucky got by Notre Dame after trailing most of the game. Just can’t route for a team that has no intentions of providing an education to its athletes. I am afraid that the “one and done” has hit college basketball. I think that the student athlete should be required to stay for three years and maintain grades while there, at least they have a shot at completing a degree when they leave. I am very afraid that we are going back to the days where the students would go to school for four years and come out not being able to read. Don’t forget to come and visit our store while you are in Myrtle Beach, we have a better marine display than BassPro Shops and our sales staff will take the time to discuss your needs.

More Saved

Hi everyone,
I just had to post the good news that three more of our customers who purchased ACR RescueLink or ACR EPIRP products have had to use them and they have been saved along with the people who were with them. The total is 7 people rescued just by using their ACR products, so if you are considering one this is proof that they work.

Gloomy Thursday

Hi all,
Well it is pouring out here in Ocean Isle Beach and really dark so everyone is a little slow motion at this time but it will pick up shortly. If you haven’t thought to look check out the section on our homepage for “rebates” there are some really good ones right now with more to come throughout the year. Furuno, Lowrance and Standard Horizon have ones that are going for a while yet and Simrad has one ending the end of this month. Today should be a travel day for a lot of people from the northeast because, school is in recess for Easter so if you are travelling please be safe and if you are visiting our area welcome. Have a great weekend I am out until Monday.

Good Morning

Well I did some checking yesterday online to see when schools were out for a spring break and it looks like some are out tomorrow through Easter Sunday. If you are travelling please make sure everything is in order, if you are driving check the fluids and tires, if you are flying make sure all the documents necessary are all in one place so you can produce them. Those of you on the train just enjoy the ride and remember when you are on Amtrak through the Carolinas they turn the heat off and it does get cold in the cars. How is everyone’s NCAA Basketball bracket doing? I looked at mine on Saturday and I was beating 24% of the players meaning that almost 9,000,000 were doing better than me. I used to think that I knew college basketball. Well Scott is getting ready to go on vacation after the boat shows, it has been a long haul for most here at the store and we still have some good deals left over. Remember we will always give you our best deal so don’t hesitate to call us.

New Week

Hello All,
I hope you had a great weekend and ready for the work week. Things are kind of at a bit of a lull here at the store between tourist season and full on fishing season but some of the more fitness oriented people here were in full swing this past weekend. Scott took part of a fun run for his church, and I am sure that Noelle, Char and Jamie were working out at Cross Fit or some other gym, Gina was instructing Zumba somewhere, while Trevor was lifting weights at Gold’s Gym. Wow I never gave it a thought at to how active our store is. I want to wish our Noelle a belated Happy Birthday and wish her well for the coming year at least, she means a lot to everyone here at The GPS Store, even if she doesn’t think so. Just a reminder to those of you who are still planning on a little vacation time this spring to make sure your GPS or fitness electronics are updated. If you have been thinking about purchasing one, maybe use a part of your income tax return to treat yourself to what you want. I traveled to Roanoke, Va this weekend, to visit my Son, and had great time, which was made a whole lot easier by the Garmin Nuvi 2597LMT automotive GPS I used. It provided flawless directions both ways, the only wrong turns I took is when I listened to my Wife and not the GPS.


Hi Everyone,
Well I will make J.R. mad by saying it is Friday for me (he doesn’t like it when you say your last work day is your Friday). I hope everyone has the opportunity to do something pleasurable this weekend, I know I will because Friday I am taking my lovely Bride to dinner at Ruth’s Chris for her birthday and Saturday we will be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in North Myrtle Beach. Being Irish I always look forward to the celebration in North Myrtle, and I may even have a Black and Tan or two watching the parade. It isn’t NYC or Boston but it is fun. I hope everyone stays safe and remembers our lost 11 military members in your prayers. If you haven’t thought of it yet but you will be putting away the winter toys soon and taking out the spring and summer ones, just remember to start slowly and make sure these toys are in sound working order and their safety features work. I think i will take my driver to the range tomorrow morning and start loosening up.


Hi All,
I hope your week is going well, we have officially entered spring here because yesterday I put the windows down on the Mustang and cranked up the stereo like a kid, and maybe squealed the tires just showing off. Got up this morning to 68′ temperature, but damp and very foggy, still didn’t need a coat to take the dog out. If you haven’t had a chance yet please check out our email blast because it has a color fishfinder complete with transducer for under $100.00. I wouldn’t have thought that this was possible a few years ago. If you are planning a road trip this spring, it is time now to start looking at what you are planning on taking with you. This way you have time to fix or replace the items that you broke and didn’t fix after your last trip. Take care and I will post again tomorrow.

Back to Work

Good Morning,
I hope everyone had a nice weekend and is looking forward to possibly some time off this spring season. I think winter is behind us in Coastal Carolina because temperature in the high 60’s to low 70’s this week and just into the 40’s overnight. In the north ice fishermen remember to be careful on the ice and to get your shanties off the ice before the thaw or you may lose them. We still have a few deals left over from our early season boat shows so please make sure to check us out online, or give us a call. If you have questions on compatibility with units give us a call we can give or get you answers, we are always happy to help. Stay safe and I will try to get something new for you on Wednesday.

Over the Hump

Good Morning Everyone,
It looks like winter’s last gasp is going through the northeast today and tomorrow and hopefully spring will be coming behind it. We are starting to receive the new products announced at the Miami Boat Show so keep looking on our website for the new ones to appear. They will probably start with the new Raymarine Dragonfly series, which would be great little units for small boats on freshwater looking for some of the new fishfinding technology. They will be priced at a point that will affordable too. Later second quarter we should start seeing Garmin’s new Panoptix transducers to go with their XSV series of chartplotter/fishfinders. Furuno’s TZTouch2’s should start arriving late second quarter also which just about completes new items for this year.

Hump Day is Here

Good Morning Everyone,
There doesn’t seem to be a lot in the news today to talk about so I am going to be brief this morning. With the break in the weather either for you today or in the very near future, it lets everyone know that Easter will soon be here. If you are planning on travelling in an auto and use a GPS please make sure your mapping is up to date and the GPS itself has the latest firmware update. It will save you a lot of frustration and anxiety. I almost forgot to remind you to make sure you have all the necessary accessories for it, like 12V power cord, and a mount.