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Good Morning,

Wow the weather here has been terrible for a couple of days. We even saw SNOW, can you believe that? The worst though was the sleet and freezing rain, it didn’t last long but was enough to create a few accidents by drivers who weren’t paying attention to the condition of the road. It always amazes me that drivers seem to always believe if they can go forward all is good, without giving any consideration to whether they can stop or turn. Road safety during weather like this, is a priority, you need a good coat, gloves, boots, and a hat just in case you have to walk because you are stuck. Speaking about being stuck, boaters should take a look at their safety devices too, just to make sure they are current and acceptable to the USCG and their inspections. Be responsible and do not take shortcuts when it comes to boater safety, it could well mean your life when you need them.

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