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Archive for February, 2015

Miami Boat Show

Well it is here, the start of the Miami Boat Show and we are ready.  Scott, Philip and Brian will be manning the booth and there may be a sighting of Drew.  Today a number of the manufacturers we represent, have notified us they will be announcing new products so I am going to try and update you throughout the day with what those products may be.

Here Today

Hi All, we at The GPS Store would like to extend our deepest sympathies to the family of Kayla Mueller, it is a terrible tragedy and all of America should feel their pain.

Well Miami Boat Show opens today and we are looking forward to meeting everyone who stops by our booth # 1618 in the Electronics Room.  Scott, Brian, and Philip are there today with Drew coming in later today for Thursday and Friday.  VP Jamie flies in Friday to work Saturday with our team but he has to be back here to open the doors on Monday morning.  As a matter of fact it looks like a ghost town on the showroom floor this morning.  Don’t forget you will receive the best prices of the season on marine electronics.  We hope to see you there.

Happy Monday

Thanks to all who visited the Atlantic City Boat Show we had a great show, and look forward to next year.  I hope everyone had a nice weekend although I tend to believe that our friends in the Northeast are still suffering through winter.  We are expecting Scott in sometime today, after he gets some sleep to recover, from the drive back from New Jersey.  Looks like we will be at full staff for most of today and tomorrow but Scott and Brian will be heading back out to Miami to set up for the boat show.  Just a reminder if you are in or going to the Miami area, and looking for marine electronics, we can save you enough at the show to more than pay for your admission, look for us at booth # 1618 in the Electronics Room.  Stay safe in your travels…..

Friday at the Store

Well, we didn’t think it was coming, but it is here now; Friday at last, and a weekend to look forward too. Hope everyone in the area will take the time to get out and visit us at the Atlantic City Boat Show, it is a good time whether you are buying or just looking to see what is out there.  Scott, Brian, and Philip will be in our booth through tomorrow and on Sunday it will be Scott and Philip only.  Spring must be coming sometime in the northeast, at least on the calendar it says it is.  Everyone will be back next week but only for a couple of days and then we are off to Miami.  Stay warm this weekend and take care of yourself.

Hello Atlantic City

Well it is day two of the Atlantic City Boat Show and Scott and Philip said there was a lot of traffic yesterday so we hope it keeps up today.  With the best electronics deals of the year in the northeast we hope to see a lot of friends and visitors at our booth # 529.  It looks like the rest of the people who work at The GPS Store are here, so we didn’t win the Powerball last night, but there will be another time.  Take care of yourselves and be safe.


Post Superbowl

Good Morning Everyone,

Just back today too windy to get out of the development I live in yesterday.  Too bad though I was all wound up about the Superbowl but I am mostly over it today.  Could really celebrate if I was a Patriot fan but I am not, I still love my Giants good and bad.  I hope all of you in the North are taking the precautions to stay safe during another winter storm.  Boston couldn’t even celebrate today because of the snow but I have no doubt they will tomorrow.  Stay safe and warm and take care of each other up there.