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Hello Everyone,
Rainy and warm this morning in NC but supposed to turn cold and maybe snow (I did write snow) overnight, so I know people further south are in trouble if that is the weather. Here we have so many transplants we tend to be a little better at handling 1/4″ of snow. Well everyone is getting back into the swing of our day to day routine, but the boat show crew will be looking for a couple of days off to recover. I remember when they didn’t have children in school (or even children) and they would just take off on a great week retreat with their wives; my how times have changed. Last week was Ash Wednesday so Easter will be about 6 weeks away which means tourists to us. Seems like most teachers from snow country, east of the Mississippi, head to Myrtle Beach for some beach and sun time. I hope it is warm for them and they do get a break. Racing season started with the Daytona 500 on Sunday and I was very happy to see that one Ford get to the front and win, I know it made the Chevy drivers very unhappy. I guess I shouldn’t have shown favoritism there but what the heck let it go NASCAR will make a rule change if Ford wins two in a row. If you are planning on travelling by car over the Easter or Mid Semester break make sure you have a GPS that has up to date mapping, it will make your trip less stressful.

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