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Turning into the holidays

It is really difficult to understand that we are now in the unofficial holiday season. Black Friday and Cyber Monday specials can be viewed online already and purchased as well. Decorations are up all over as well as the Thanksgiving ones. If you haven’t yet go into a Cracker Barrell Restaurant and wade your way through decorations for all of the coming holidays, it is simply unbelievable, and don’t forget that they put candy and edibles for each holiday as well. Don’t get me wrong though; we here at the GPS Store are looking forward to the holiday season and we have plenty of specials that we will be offering. Stick with us for these announcements. Check us out on Facebook and Twitter as well. I promise I will be back to you before the holidays.

Well it is finally Friday

It is finally here for all of s. A little bit busy because of vacations and nest week is the Annapolis Sail Boat Show so short handed again as Scott and Brian are gone. we will get through it though and provide great customer service like always. Should be seeing some deals start coming in November for the holidays and also the introduction of new products at the Lauderdale Boat Show which seems to always happen. I hope everyone got to see the shot video on our Facebook page, of our training on the water with Garmin. Not too shabby of a boat and equipment. Check us out on Facebook and Twitter. Until next time stay safe.

Back again

True it is, we are back and writing to the US Nav Blog. We are officially The GPS Store so if you are looking for any GPS needs or Maring Electronics please check us out. We will be happy to answer phone questions and provide expert advise without pressure to purchase from us. Check us out at and also on Facebook and Twitter.

New Week

Yes it is another week here at The GPS Store and we ended our warehouse sale. I hope you took advantage of this sale if there was something you needed. Now we kick back for a couple of weeks and get ready for the Annapolis Sailboat Show the first part of October and then back to get ready for the holiday season whew!!!!! Work is good though because we like what we do. Do not hesitate to call and discuss your needs with our people because they are the best. Thanks for your support and please follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

New Day New Wek

Starting another week in our busy marine time of the year. All of North America is busy fishing or sailing to waters around the world. A caution to our mariners please make sure you are buying the correct charts and format for your chartplotter and area you wish to navigate in. There are different card formats that may or may not work in your plotter. If you don’t know or are unsure of what you need please call us it can solve a lot of problems later. We still have a few specials so continue to follow us on the web. Check us out on Facbook and Twitter. I will be back later.

Just a Reminder

Fathers Day is this weekend and if you haven’t had a chance to shop for him we can still help. We have plenty on sale with the ability to get it to you without breaking the bank for delivery. Check us out at and follow the link to our Dads and Grads Sale we have something for everything. Well that is what is new at The GPS Store for today. i will be back next week but watch your email and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


Yes I am still here. This time I have been out for a shoulder replacement. I am doing well it just tires easily. Enough about me, have you seen our 21st Annual Super Sale information. We have great offers from our manufacturers in support of our longevity online. From a little store to a major presence online for gps, and marine electronics. We know our stuff and info you get from us will be right. Our sales force is experienced and we do not have turnover every one who works here wants to be here. Oh well time to go so stay tuned for Fathers Day specials.

I’m Back

True it is I am back with a new shoulder. Well it is getting close to Mothers’ Day and we have plenty to offer to the active Mom, whether she is a jogger, hiker, walker or golfer we have something for everyone. It is vacation time here at the store so if you are looking for a particular member of our team he or she may not be here but we do have plenty of people to take care of you. Plenty to answer questions or make recommendations. I will be back to you next week so stay tuned.

Just a little break

Well Scott and Brian are back from Miami and are taking a small break before heading off to Atlantic City to finish off our spring Boat Shows. We had a great show in Miami and met a large number of new and old friends their. It is such a good thing to see the customers we serve face to face. Saturday was really hectic and we apologize if you didn’t get to speak with us, rumor has it we had four working at the booth and our lines were four deep all day. I hope all of you that had a long weekend enjoyed it and were able to get outside to enjoy it. You your in the area of Atlantic City it will be your last chance this spring for the best prices on new Marine equipment. Don’t hesitate to come and see us there. Until next week stay safe.

Meanwhile at the beach

Good Morning from Ocean Isle Beach. We are really into the holiday shopping season here at the store. We are trying very hard to ship all orders in time for arrival before Christmas. I hope everyone has taken a look at what the GPS Store is offering for specials because we have a lot to offer in basically every area we cover from Auto, Handheld, Marine, and Fitness take a look we have something to offer you. Phones are busy and our website has a lot of traffic, so people are shopping with us and we are happy to have them. I will be back to you later with up dates later. In the mean time take a look at us on Facebook and Twitter.