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In Miami and going strong

Good Morning everyone, I hope you had a great weekend we had a very good weekend in Miami and are hoping to wrap things up strong today as the show ends. If you are in the Miami area and are looking for marine electronics today will be your last chance until 2018 so go out and enjoy the show. We had a very busy weekend online as well a sure sign that things are ramping up for good weather in the north. The team will be leaving Miami shortly after 5:00 P.M. and driving through the night home and will be back at full strength on Wednesday. Please visit Facebook for the Miami Boat Show for pictures and announcements. I will be back to you later but until then have a great start to your week.

We are headed south tomorrow.

That’s right we are on our way to the Miami Boat Show that will run from Thursday through Monday the following week. It is usually our biggest boat show with the most traffic. This year it looks like Furuno is adding to the value of their products with their Big One Rebate which put electronics that are sometimes out of one’s budget back in play for a lot of customers. When you subtract the rebate from the great prices that we offer at the boat show you get a great value and product. Just the rebate from our normal sell price makes buying Furuno a great deal for a product that normally lasts years and years. I hope all of you in the Northeast are able to stay safe and out of Winter Storm Orson’s way. I have friends in Maine that are right in the middle of it and looks like that the 18-24 inches they got overnight will have another 18″ added to it today along with 60 mph winds. Now that is a storm, but they know how to handle it so I know they will be OK. Well back to helping the crew finalize what is going to go on in Miami, and I can’t say it enough but if you can go to the show in Miami you stand to get great products at great prices and see a great show. Back to you hopefully later in the week.

Whew what a game

I certainly hope that everyone stayed up like I did and watched the Super Bowl last night. The game was supposed to be done and over with by 10:00 P.M. last night but they had just started interviews around 11:00 so it was a late night for everyone here at The GPS Store. We have a number of New England Patriot fans here at the store but the majority of football fans here seem to be anybody but Brady fans. Most people are either NY Giant and Carolina Panther fans so that gives you an idea of why it is anybody but Brady. Today is the last day that we will be able honor our Boat Show prices on our website so if something interests you today may be the last day for the price listed. I will be back to you a little later this week when we get over the Super Bowl numbness, so rest up and get ready.

NYC Return

Good Morning, Scott and Brian are happy to be back from NYC but want to thank all of our friends and customers who stopped by our booth. It is always great to see our friends from previous years and make new friends for the current year. We had great sales during the boat show and we are now turning our focus to Miami in a couple of weeks. We have some pretty good specials online that we are offering for those of you who could not attend the show but if you are anywhere near one of the boat shows we exhibit at; it will pay your way to come and buy from us at the show. We are getting a tease here in Ocean Isle Beach today as the weather will have temperatures hitting near 70’s both today and tomorrow, pretty good golf weather to be honest with you. Here is a link to what we are offering on sale if you were unable to find it on our website. I hope you all have a great rest of the week and i will be back later.

Boat Show Day 2

True it is that day one of NYC Boat Show 2017 is already in the books and we are off to a fast start. Day two starts at noon today and runs until 9:00 P.M. tonight. I hope anyone in the NYC area who wants to has a chance to go by and say hello to our guys and talk electronics, boats, fishing or in Philip’s case just about anything, with Brian it is hunting and fresh water fishing, Scott pretty much will talk boats, electronics, offshore fishing and anything else ACC or North Caroline Chape Hill related. I have been here for years and that kid cannot be convinced that the Big East is a better, tougher, conference. To everyone who cannot get to the show please keep looking at our website we will have a link to what we can offer shortly. Well it is my Friday so I am going to sign off until Monday but stay safe and I will be back on Monday.

Boat Show Season 2017 starts tomorrow for us

Wow it is really hard to believe that the 2017 Boat Show Season for The GPS Store officially starts on Wednesday in NYC. Brian, Scott and Philip are on their way tomorrow to set up and get ready for the show which opens on Wednesday. Keep following on our site as we will be listing specials that we can offer to the non-attendees, and I will try to post what is going on at the show. I hope anyone who likes football watched the games yesterday, because you got to see four of the best quarterbacks that the NFL has to offer play the game. The scores were lopsided but when you look at the quarterback stats there was not that much difference between them. It was on who made the catches and who didn’t. Ben may have summed up his game correctly by stating that “the game may have been too big for the younger guys”. Well enough for now hope to be back on Wednesday so stay safe.

End of week for some of us.

Hi everybody, today is the last day of my work week because I am old but feel young on some days. Well preparations for the New York City Boat Show are finalizing probably today because Scott, Brian and Philip are headed out Tuesday to set up and open the show on Wednesday. They will fly back on Sunday night after the show. They are really looking forward to seeing our friends in the north. It is kind of sunny to see these three southern young men bundle up and brace for the weather in NYC. I had to give instructions in the use of gloves and scarfs a couple years ago.Keep watching our website for items that we may be able to pass on savings from the boat show without you having to be there to get. Well no real plans this weekend but looking for great weather, looks like it will be in the 60’s at least through Thursday next week which is really great. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and is able to come back on Monday.

Here we go again

Yup, today we are starting the blitz for the next two months. Meetings in Kansas City with Garmin that Jaime is off to and then next week, look out, boat show season kicks off with New York City, back to catch up for a week and then Miami, and once again back for a week or 10 days and off to Atlantic City the first week in March. what a great place to work because we always seem to have it going on and it keeps our people together looking out for each other. I hope everyone, who wanted to, got to see the football games on Sunday, especially Dallas and Green Bay. We lost a little fellow who was a tremendous Green Bay fan this year named David Bodette and all I can think this morning is he was the one kicking for Green Bay. Just a great game no matter who’s side you were on. KC and Pittsburgh was a great game too with both defenses playing like rubber bands, bend but don’t break. For KC it was a tough way to lose, a call was made that went against them like Alabama losing with a call that didn’t happen. Well a big travel day for the GPS Store we have two of our family travelling so please say a little prayer for us today. Back to you on Thursday I hope.

Good to be back with you

Yes I have missed some time and I am sorry i was not able to write to you as to what is going on here at The GPS Store. Well we have a whole new line of Garmin auto units that will be added to our website soon. They are really impressive with their additional features. Scott, Brian and Jamie are busy with last minute stuff for the New York Boat Show and I will be posting their schedule just as soon as they have it finalized. This year the Miami and Atlantic City Boat Shows have switched their location on the schedule and now Miami is first and Atlantic City is later. This should be better for both shows. Well that is all the news for now but I hope to be back to you with more information on Monday.

Happy to be back

Good Morning Everyone and happy to wish you a Happy New Year however late it is. I had a little tough go of it but back at work today. I have been watching the news on the CES show in Las Vegas that is where the electronic toys for 2017 are unveiled and the reasons that they are so great are explained. Call me slightly skeptical but i don’t see how a lot of them will make us better. I will be back to you later with the items that I think will be a benefit for you to at least look at as a possible purchase. Once again Happy New Year and I am glad to be back.